Monday, September 15, 2014

Stepping a little out of our comfort zones.

Lisa and I teamed up this past Thursday for a fall shopping appointment at Saks in Boston with Claudine Eaton Lewis, personal shopper.  We've shopped with Claudine before, and every time she pulls us a little out of our comfort zone.   This time, Claudine set us up for Fall 2014!

One of the first things we tried on was this Elie Tahari blouse-detail cashmere sweater.  Not sure either of us would have pulled it off the rack.  While it wasn't a great fit for me, Lisa rocked it.  Over leather leggings or waxed jeans, I think it will become a work-horse for Lisa.  The back is pleated and totally cool.
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We've been guilty before of purchasing the same thing, and we are guilty again.  Several times over.  Egad.  We definitely have to call each other if we're at the same event.  First up?  Helmut Lang asymmetrical wool top. So cute, very flattering.  And we both had to get it.
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And I thought the top looked GREAT over these Helmut Lang bat wash leggings.  And I will wear these leggings a ton, tucked into boots, with drape-y sweaters, etc. So useful. 

And speaking of boots, the next find was really out of my comfort zone.  Originally, I went into the appointment wanting a pair of classic, black, heeled boots.  I actually don't own a pair (SHOCKING), and thought I needed to fill that big void.  Claudine said "Why?  Why not get something more hip, cooler, updated?".  Like these, Stuart Weitzman croc-embossed, knee-high boot?  At first, I balked. They are REALLY out of my comfort zone.  But I put them on.  With a dress.  With leggings.  And I thought, where have these been all my life?!?!

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When I looked to Lisa for confirmation, she stood silently.  I couldn't get a read on what she thought.  I thought, 'oh dear, she hates them' and thought back to the time in the early 2000s in New York when I was obsessed with grey, suede slouchy boots and Lisa wouldn't let me get a pair.  When I said that I thought I loved them, she smiled, and said 'YES'!  

These are the great moments when you realize what personal shopping is all about.  Claudine knows me, knows what I have, and likes to push me.  Had I walked by them on display in the shoe department, I would have kept going.  In fact, they aren't even on display because Saks Boston has about 3 pairs of them left.  She brought them out to me.  Made me try them on. And they were fabulous.

And I can't wait to wear them with this Vince dress, which is sweater on the front, and pleated silk on the back.  And Lisa bought it too.  I will be accessorizing it with the grey boots and a great scarf (a la Claudine).
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These are the highlights among our treasures.  While our wallets definitely came home a little lighter, there really is nothing like a good shop.  ~ JH

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