Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Liquid Love

Fashion inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places.  This time, it was from my 10 year-old, t-shirt and yoga-pant-wearing daughter on her birthday trip with me to NYC and a walk past Uniqlo.  If you've never been in a Uniqlo, that will change over the next 3 years as the Japanese retailer makes a push on-line and into the 'burbs.  The store is super big and super fun, with cool basics arranged by color and a staircase that lights up when you walk on it.  She set her sights on the wall of down jackets, all liquid and glossy, in a virtual rainbow of color choices, like all of their offerings.
Image from backseatstylers.com.
The Uniqlo jacket is lightweight and warm, and folds up into it's own cute little sack to the size of a small loaf of brioche.  All for $69.90!  After seeing Grace wearing it in purple - and throwing it on once when I ran out to groceries -  I was disappointed that I didn't get one for myself.  (Note: Jen has one from last season, not quite as 'liquid' as this season's offerings.  And, she loves it!)
Image from uniqlo.com.
Well just a few days ago, Uniqlo opened its online store!  Two days later, my new black coat arrived, looking slick and warm,  perfect for fall days in New England.
Image from uniqlo.com.
I personally feel you don't need to look any farther than Uniqlo.  Heck, I got a navy one for my husband.  He travels down south quite a bit - he can be warm in Boston and then easily stow it when he arrives.  Here are some of my favorites this season:

It was Patagonia that started the trend a few years ago with it's down sweater.  The company has got a whole line in all lengths and weights now, but I like the cranberry and black in these two styles the best
Images from patagonia.com.
For a higher end look, Uniqlo did a special collab with sister company Comptoir des cotonniers.  Gorgeous paired with here with the green dress.  And, sold out completely.
Image from comptoirdescotonniers.com.
Burberry doesn't disappoint with this lovely puffer.  Can't you just see it with jeans or legging and boots for date night?
Image from bloomingdales.com.
Image from zara.com.
Moncler can do no wrong and this stunner in oxblood (yes, I'm still obsessed) is city chic paired with black leggings and booties.  I could see transitioning it to jeans or a cute dress and still looking fabulous.
Image from barneys.com.
If you don't have a lightweight puffer in the closet for winter, you don't know what you're missing.  The glossy finish is fresh and breathes new life into this age old wardrobe staple. ~ LB

Monday, October 29, 2012

120 Years of Vogue

Image from kentonmagazine.com.
Jen and I will be curled up on the sofa (fingers crossed Jen has her new one by then)  with popcorn in hand on December 6th when HBO premieres a documentary film to mark the 120th anniversary of the fashion bible also known as Vogue.  Anna Wintour and other editorial royalty will take us behind the scenes at the crown jewel of the Conde Nast empire….Lots of designer interviews (Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang, not my faves) and celebs features (SJP and Nicole Kidman who look amazing in almost anything).  What I want to see is the sneak peek at how they put together their fabulous editorials. 

HBO documentaries rarely disappoint so put on your best jammies ladies and tune in. ~LB

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A little obsessed with Calypso St. Barth cashmere.

About a month ago, I started wearing a camel colored, sleeveless cashmere "duster" I purchased last spring at Calypso St. Barth.  Over a column of black, over a white blouse with black pants and cheetah flats, it has been a go-to since I first put it on.  Lisa has one , a long-sleeve version, in navy.  She's worn it on planes, over jeans, etc.  Just one of the most useful pieces of clothing we've owned.

And today, in my inbox, an email from Calypso showcasing all of their fabulous cashmere.  I swear, if I don't get in to Boston to check it out I'll go nuts!  Check out some of these lovelies. The Maggie Cashmere Duster is what Lisa owns (and the color below is the color of mine), and I might have to dive in an get another one too.  It comes in 6 colors and is so yummy soft, light, and yet warm.  Heaven.  Any of you out there who get cold all winter?  This is the piece you want to own and throw over everything.
Image from calypsostbarth.com.
I'm a total sucker for a turtleneck and stripes.  What about this Callee Striped Cashmere Turtleneck?  Both obsessions in one, with really cool wide sleeves.  Comes in navy and in camel.  Love it over white jeans (yes in winter!), skinny white cords, or just jeans.  Elegant mommy-wear.
Image from calypsostbarth.com.
Another great "mom" sweater is the Janine Cashmere Pullover.  Great over jeans, skinny pants, with a cool long-sleeved t-shirt underneath.  I love the dolman sleeve draping!

Images from calypsostbarth.com.
Finally, the Jaci Cashmere V-neck is a great everyday sweater.  Not too fitted, it has great details like a rolled hem on the v-neck and deep side slits for movement.  And, it comes in 8 colors, from your basic neutrals to this cayenne color.
Images from calypsostbarth.com.
Great cashmere!  Plus, right now, 25% off Friends and Family with the code FALLFF12 at checkout online AND in store.  If I can only find a morning to sneak off to Newbury Street. ~ JH

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

...you are 'inexplicably drawn to clog boots'.

Hi everyone!  Back from Caribbean trip #1 (and yes, it was fabulous!).  Returned to an email from a reader from the Pacific Northwest.

"I am surprised at myself, but I am inexplicably drawn to clog boots (which is sort of anathema to my clean, modern, comfortable style... I usually wear ankle booties and knee-high wedge boots from fall through late spring). Upon trying these warm, comfy, and sturdy boots (by Vialis, style no. 4862, "Garret") on, I had to have them. 

How can I wear these without looking too bohemian and not too après-ski? The shaft can be uncuffed, worn straight up, or ruched down. (I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest, and am slim/petite... In case if those are factors in outfit suggestions)."

Yes, we too have our moments of purchasing something that's completely outside of our comfort zone because we simply love it.  So, let's take a look at these Vialis boots.
Image from reader.
These are a great neutral and I can see why she loves them.  I think we're all looking for something different, yet wanting to maintain our style.  

Since our reader is slim and petite, one thing I like to do is to create a column of solid color with these boots.  The lighter lining of the boot will create a color break by the knee, so think about keeping the pants and top the same color (if not wearing jeans, in which case I'd do a chocolate sweater or top on top of the jeans).  Keeping the color palette really neutral works well too.  I'd stay away from prints and light silks.  The heaviness of the boot calls for a certain 'weight' in the clothing you wear with them; otherwise, you'll appear 'unbalanced'.

Do stay true to your 'clean, modern' style by working with tailored, clean pieces.  In terms of labels, Vince comes to mind immediately when I think of these boots.  J. Crew's simple pieces.  Let the boots speak for themselves. By keeping the outfit clean and modern, the boots lose a little of their bohemian look.

Don't forget that a quick spray with Kiwi Suede Protector on the top suede will keep the boots looking good in the Pacific Northwest rain.
Image from amazon.com.
I put a few outfits together on Polyvore for our reader using a column of color, neutrals and a jeans outfit.  Hope you are inspired! ~ JH

W2WW - With Clog Boots

Vanessa bruno

Vneck sweater

Rag bone wool shirt

American Vintage summer tank top
$51 - the-dressingroom.com

Vince stretch pants

Michael kors tote bag

Louis vuitton satchel

Hermès watch

Tory Burch silver stud earrings

Knitted scarve

Chan luu

Tory burch

Warby parker eyewear

Pull V 4 fils - Eric Bompard

Sunday, October 14, 2012

One of my dirty little secrets.

Every Tuesday and Friday, I make a few minutes and sit quietly with a particular email that comes to my inbox on those days.  I won't even open it on my iPhone; I need a bigger screen to check it out.  What email is this, you ask?  It's my 'Shop It To Me' email.
Image from shopittome.com.
Brilliant site for someone like me!  Shop It To Me is basically a shopping 'sale' search engine that's customizable.  It canvases dozens of retail sites and delivers emails to you full of sale items from these sites based on your shopping preferences; you decide what retailers and brands of clothing you want to have emailed to you as well as specifying sizes, price range, and percentage off retail price.  As their site says:

"When you sign up, Shop It To Me will send you either a daily, semi-weekly, or weekly email of sale items which match your preferences."

For example, each Tuesday and Friday I receive an email, sorted by retailer (or you can choose to group by brand or type of clothing), of all the brands and types of clothing IN MY SIZE that are on sale for 20% off or more.  You can adjust almost anything!  I have about 30+ brands listed on my account with no restrictions on retailers.  I search only women's clothing, but you can add men's and children's as well. 

Last Friday, my email had some great fall items, like this DVF coat from shopbop.com, about 30% off retail, just in time for winter.
Image from shopbop.com.
This Tory Burch Silk top is 40% off at Nordstrom.
Image from nordstrom.com.
And I love this Lauren Merkin clutch at Bergdorf Goodman, $75 off, down to $150.
Image from bergdorfgoodman.com.
I'm a car coat junkie, so this Juicy Couture one appeals to me, especially at 30% off.
Image from piperlime.com.
So, instead of me trolling around all the separate sites, I can have 2 emails a week, outlining what's on sale where.  And what girl doesn't like a deal every now and then?! Love it! ~ JH

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Packing for the Caribbean in the Fall.

Let's be honest - it's not exactly 'resort wear' season at stores right now.  Halloween?  Yes.  Holiday dresses?  They are coming in.  Cute leather jackets for fall?  Absolutely.  But resort wear, not so much.

With 2 upcoming Caribbean trips this fall (yea I know, poor me), I need to make my packing lists and see what holes I have and how I can fill them.  In October.  In New England.  I made the tragic mistake of NOT shopping the end-of-summer sales fully knowing that I have 2 Caribbean trips on the horizon.  Maybe this post should be called 'What 2 Pack When...'.  So, let's see what I have versus what I need.

I'll start with the obvious:  beach and pool.  I have bathing suits, coverups and flip-flops,
Image from jcrew.com.

so I'm set there.  A beach bag, a beach read, 
Image from goodreads.com.
some bad magazines (US, People, In Touch), sunglasses
Image from nordstrom.com.
and beach hat rounds it out.  From my June bathing suit shop, I think I'm set here.

Outfits for evening shouldn't be too difficult to find.  I'll need some dresses for evenings with a pants outfit thrown in just to be sure.  Strappy heels, bangles, maybe a wrap if the evening is breezy.  About week ago around 10:30pm, I found myself trolling the 'sale' sections of websites, like nordstrom.com and neimanmarcus.com (great return policies!) trying to find more cute, silk, breezy cocktail dresses.  Out of 3 dresses, I found a silk Elie Tahari one that might fit the bill for evening wear.  Thoughts about it?  The jury is out on this one.  I have some great, nude, strappy sandals that are good with it.  
Image from nordstrom.com.
Image from ebay.com.
Between this dress and a couple of others (like this Milly one from 2 years ago), I think I can make it through the evenings.  
Image from nordstrom.com.
But what about non-pool-day-wear?  I don't own a ton of it. (How can there be an entire line of clothing out there that I haven't exploited?!) I'll need several outfits for trip(s) to spa, breakfast, lunches, shopping.  I have basics, but no real 'resort wear'.  Tunics and shorts are fine, but maybe it's time for me to really dip my toes in the resort-wear-pool.  In October, this is next to impossible.  

However, a trip to the Natick Mall on Tuesday yielded some answers.  Wandering from Neimans (returning dress #2) to Nordstrom (returning dress #3), I stumbled upon the Tommy Bahama store.  Tommy Bahama?  I totally forgot about it.  But wasn't it all 'old lady' clothing?  I ventured in.

Much to my surprise, they had some REALLY cute things.  Linen drawstring pants (of which I own exactly zero pairs), linen sweaters and tops, dresses, tunics.  Granted, there were some not-so-cute things, but overall I was pleasantly surprised.  I had only a few minutes, so I tried on a couple of things.  This linen/gauzy sweater over the white linen drawstring pants was so cute.  I can imagine wearing this down to the spa, to lunch, or out shopping.  Both came home.
Images from tommybahama.com.
They had tank tops (albeit a little more than I want to spend on a tank top) to refresh the post-summer tanks in my drawer.  I grabbed a navy one and checked out so I could race to school for pick-up.

I have to head back there this weekend and dig in.  If I can find a few more cute outfits, I'll be set.  I really want to check out this silk shirt; it looks so yummy!
Image from tommybahama.com.
And this skirt looks like just the thing to wear with a white top and silver sandals down to breakfast, doesn't it?
Image from tommybahama.com.
Finally, I need to find this entire outfit and check it out.  I love the skirt (and it would be perfect with my new navy tank)!
Image from tommybahama.com.
So, I think I have it covered.  Beach and pool?  Check.  Evenings?  Check.  Daywear?  Another trip to Tommy Bahama, and I should be good to go.

Now, if I could only figure out where I put my non-mommy-cute-beach-bag. ~ JH