Monday, September 29, 2014

An Experiment with Stitch Fix, an Online Styling Company

Last spring, a reader had asked us to look into online styling companies, specifically, Stitch Fix, see how it worked, and maybe 'experience' it and write a post.  I told her that I would in the fall.  
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Well, it's fall, so here I go. About a month ago, I took the "scary" step of signing up for a 'delivery' and completed an online 'Style Profile'.  Here's how this online styling company works:
  • You fill out an online style questionnaire called your 'Style Profile'.  They asked a TON of questions - sizing, style, brand, pricing, item preferences.  For example, I said that I wasn't interested in them sending dresses, but tops, pants, and accessories were ok. And I wasn't into bohemian style.  And, and, and.  And I included a link to one of my my Pinterest pages for their review.
  • You then schedule a delivery (monthly, every other month) - mine was for September 25.  5 items are sent and the client has 3 days to decide what, if anything, to keep; everything else must be sent back in an enclosed, pre-paid, US Postal Service bag.  You are charged a $20 style fee, which is applied to anything you keep.
Sound good?  I have to be honest, I kind of forgot about signing up until this email arrived:
Egad!  It was on it's way.  So on September 25th, this is what I found at my door.
It's a tinier box that I would have expected, especially since it contained 5 items.  Let's look inside.  I was happy to see the 'rules' printed on the box - I needed to refresh my memory!
There was a packet of information on why the items were picked, and how to style them.  I loved the information and the personalization.

I loved the styling cards, detailing how to wear each piece.
And then, I unwrapped the items.  The Alec Split Neck Mixed Material blouse was fun and different (like), but the fit wasn't great and I didn't love the material (boo).
The Watercolor Zip blouse was WAY too young for me, and the Meg Chiffon trim silk blouse was a wrinkled mess.  Neither were going to stay.
The Bar Necklace was fine, but the chain was about 14" long, and looked weird on my neck.
But, the Liverpool Pull-on Skinny Ponte Pants were pretty fabulous.  The material was great, they fit well, and they really 'sucked you in', if you know what I mean (wink).  They are staying!  Interestingly, the Liverpool Jeans Company (maker of the ponte pants) is carried online at Amazon, Dillards, Lord and Taylor, and Nordstrom.  In stores, apparently Bloomingdales carries the line along with a host of smaller boutiques (in the Boston area that is).  This pair has a tag that claims they were designed exclusively for Stitch Fix.
After assessing everything, I went online to say what I was keeping, and what I wasn't.
The ponte pants were $98, from which the $20 styling fee was taken, resulting in a final charge of $78.  Not bad.   The other 4 items are snug in the return envelope and will head back to Stitch Fix tomorrow.  (If I were to keep all 5 items, I would have received a 25% of discount on the entire 'fix'.)

Overall, it's a very interesting experience.  I went back to my Style Profile after 'checking out' online and tweaked my preferences to better fit my style personality.  My next 'fix' is scheduled for November 20th.  I'm curious to see how my adjustments to the Style Profile will play out as well as how what I kept versus what I returned will adjust the algorithm of what was sent to me.  Stay tuned. ~ JH
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  1. A childhood friend of mine has been blogging about her Stitch Fixes for about a year - it's been interesting to see the varying degrees of success: