Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Text Conversation #5

Fashion doesn't rest, even in summer.  The following text arrived the other morning, directed to Lisa and me:
Image from Jennifer Houston.
The item in question?
Image from amazon.com.
Lisa and I didn't really have to confer on this one.  Lisa texted back while I called our friend directly:
Images from Jennifer Houston.
Whether or not we love them, these thong Birkenstocks are hot and actually, can be cute with the right outfit.  Think white linen pants and a red pedicure.  Actually, all linen pants wold be fabulous.  Think jean jacket over tank-top with long skirt.  Think maxi-dress with jacket.  Here are some Pinterest images for inspiration:
Images from pinterest.com.
Stick with the silver, white, or graphite colors of the Birkenstocks and change up your casual summer looks! ~ JH

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

W2WW News Flash - Trunk show on Martha's Vineyard!

Ladies on Martha's Vineyard this week: get the sitter lined up and head over to Brickyard in Vineyard Haven on Thursday night (5-7pm) for the Sisco Berluti Trunk Show with sister founders Lisa and Carolyn.  There will be lots of one-of-a-kinds and new necklaces which are GORGEOUS! 
Images from Facebook.com.
I may have to pack up the kids and take the ferry over. ~ LB

Friday, July 11, 2014

Reflections from a trunk show...

I happily found myself hosting a trunk show this week - a Stella & Dot show - in Maine.  Dear husband was away, I had a sitter for the kids, and I had planned to host a 'ladies night out' ANYWAY, so why not mix it up with a little jewelry and new beach-friends?  I mean really, who doesn't love a little shopping on the side of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres?!

I've hosted trunk shows before - Worth New York, Orient Expressed (children's clothing), Little Follies (children's clothing) - but never 'accessories'.  At a beach house.  In the middle of summer.

Let me tell you - so fun!  

Amongst my purchases?!  Something I've looked for for YEARS.  A long, silver pendant necklace.  Simple to find, right?! WRONG.  I've been looking for a long time, and this one fits the bill.  I needed to have it.  For so many outfits that just needed a sparkle down the front.  (And of course, yes, Lisa has it too.)
Image from stelladot.com.
And what I was most surprised with?!  The new 'Engravable' collection.  If anyone knows me, they know if it's not nailed down, I try to monogram it.  I'm still deciding which one I want...there are WAY TOO MANY OPTIONS.  Do I do the bar necklace?
Image from stelladot.com.
Do I do a traditional round?
Image from Kristen Weiss.
And what ever do I put on it?!  My initials?  My children's initials?  Decisions, decisions.  Any ideas?!

Other things that caught my eye?  This gilded arrow bracelet.  Looks GREAT stacked with my other summer bracelets - adds a new dimension and texture.
Image from stelladot.com.
At the last minute, while Stella & Dot rep Kristen Weiss was packing up, I tried this on.  Big mistake.  Kinda love it, looks great with a tan, and goes with ALL of my navy and white summer clothing.  And, you can wear it 5 different ways, removing the large chain (on the bottom of the chains pictured) to wear either separately or all together OR making it long or keeping it at this length.
Image from stelladot.com.
Overall, a fun evening with the beach ladies!  Thanks to Kristen for spicing up a cocktail party.  We had a blast!  (Look, I almost got away with 'borrowing' the sample silver rebel pendant necklace!)
Image from Kristen Weiss.
Happy summer!  Click here to check out the Stella & Dot summer line! ~ JH

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cheap & Cheerful - Splendid Sandals

While perusing my local Moxie store last week, I picked up a really cute sandal.  No, I really don't NEED a new pair, but these were good.  And a matte gold metallic.  And, when I turned them over to see how much they were, I was shocked.  $68.  I immediately asked for them in an 8 1/2, tried them on, and almost walked out of the store in them.
Image from nordstrom.com.
The Splendid Edgewood sandal is adorable, completely useful and really affordable.  Moxie just received a shipment, so they have tons of stock.  They also come in black with the cork wedge at Moxie.  If you don't live near a Moxie (Wellesley or Boston), try nordstrom.com where they show them in white, coral, and the gold.  Enjoy! ~ JH

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Text Conversation #4

Happy Summer! It's officially sundress-and-clingy-jersey-skirt-weather and as I discovered yesterday as I was running out to a party,  the usual undies were not up to muster.   Panty lines, twin belly....it was not a good scene.  I had to consult Jen immediately.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Seeing is believing ladies - Check out the Yummi by Heather Thompson® Jasmina Thong in nude of course, for all the white you'll wearing this summer.   

Our little summer gift to you.  Enjoy! ~ LB

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Epic shopping day at the Green Tangerine!

I had the opportunity to take a quick day-trip up to Kennebunk, ME - more of a trip of 'errands' before summer arrives.  But, you know me.  I couldn't help but to stop at the Green Tangerine and check out their summer goods!  And boy, was I happy to have stopped!
Image from facebook.com.
Caroline (shop owner) is a master of curating clothing!  She carries a ton of different brands, all at different price points. From Vince to Lilla P to Vineyard Vines to Splendid.  Everything is mixed together, so it's not as though all the Vince is on one rack, and all the Splendid is on another.  Pieces are placed with complimentary items, and that's what I love.  I picked up all kinds of summer goodies!

The frenzy started when I walked by this scarf:
Image from zappos.com.
Simple, light, white Michael Stars scarf ($48) with grey and peach embroidery with khaki pom-poms.  I kind of fell in love, and needed an outfit to go with it.  So off I wend to find a peach or grey top.  And I found a peach Vince tshirt and a white G1 'everyday' skirt.  And it all looks great together.  The G1 skirt is basic, but I have another G1 skirt from YEARS ago (from the Green Tangerine) that I still wear all summer long.  Perfect material and length.  Why not have another?
Image from store.g1goods.com.
I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for a lightweight, everyday summer dress that's not clingy and doesn't require a special bra to wear with it. I found a good one!  This tunic dress by Velvet is going to see a lot of wear this summer.  Yes, it's a little out of my wheelhouse of normal, but it fits great and I love that it's different from what's in my closet already.
Image from shophorseshow.com.
Last summer at the Green Tangerine, I picked up a great, loose-knit sweater with a skull worked into the knit of the sweater.  Totally fun. Wore it to death.  Here it is:
Image from lyst.com.
This year, I picked up a new one - in sheer, white cashmere - with a skull on the back of the sweater.   It's so subtle, but so fun and unexpected.  Will put colored tank tops underneath to make the skull stand out.  Cannot for the life of me find it online to show you, which I also appreciate since I won't see it on anyone else.  

This is the beauty of the Green Tangerine - unexpected, unique pieces of clothing.  If you are every in Kennebunk or Kennebunkport, you MUST stop in, say 'hi' to Caroline, and allow at least an hour to go through her beautiful store!   Thanks for a great shop Caroline! ~ JH

Saturday, June 14, 2014

In search of a navy pump.

At a dinner on Thursday night, my friend (and W2WW reader) was talking about how there are NO navy pumps out in the market.  This friend is a professional - think high-pressure meetings and the suits to match.  She's a serious executive and needs serious clothing for the job.    While this isn't my current world (SAHM), I know all about obsessions when it comes to clothing.  I told her "No problem; I'm on it.".  We LOVE the hunt at W2WW!

She'll be pleased to know that she can update her current kitten-heels with a click of a mouse.  My quick, online search using polyvore.com revealed lots of options.

First up?  The DVF Bethany heel.  Standing near 4" tall, it might be too tall for my friend, but worth a look.  It's a patent navy, which can be a plus in inclement weather, but she might just want leather.
Image from piperlime.com.
Next is one of my favorites - the Jimmy Choo Embossed Printed Leather Pump.  I love the leather on this and the heel height of 3.3" makes it completely wearable.  A classic, year-round shoe.
Image from jimmychoo.com.
Zappos was bound to have something, and it does, with the Elie Tahari Electra Pump.  With a lower heel height of 2 3/4", it might be even better for running to and from meetings.  
Image from zappos.com.
If she wants something a little exotic, Manolo Blahnik is showing these Twixpla Low-Heeled Pump with eelskin.  Oh yes, she'll pay a bit more for these - the $825 price tag is a little jaw dropping.  But the heel height is perfect and the eelskin makes for an interesting texture.

Image from bergdorfgoodman.com.
I'd like to see the blue on these in person (is it truly navy or a little lighter?!), but I know how comfortable Chloe shoes are, especially with a stacked heel.  My friend should check out these Chloe Scalloped Leather Pumps.
Image from saksfifthavenue.com.
Finally, a tried a true classic - the Manolo Blahnik BB in Navy.  How could she go wrong with this shoe?!
Image from barneys.com.
Friend - you have plenty of choices!  Happy shopping and let us know what you decide! ~ JH