Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I was inspired by my 9 year old daughter this morning.  She carefully curated her new fall wardrobe for the first week of school and laid it out to grab and go.
Image from Lisa Bida.
She might be on to something here.  How wonderful would it be to walk into my closet and have outfits all put together, waiting for me to step into and emerge looking, and feeling fabulous?  Instead, I often find myself staring blankly at the hangers, wondering what top to wear today with what skirt to work, or what to pair with a jeans that looks frankly, AWESOME!

The cure is FALL.  Time to change it up!  In with the new and fresh. Out with the old and tired.  I’m being judicious, just like my daughter.  Bringing in a few key pieces to freshen up with I have and wear.  And it must be love.  L O V E.  Like, it had better fit perfectly and make me feel amazing.   I’m feeling inspired by fall additions this year - The poncho! The long sweater!  No overhaul needed, just a little green here and a suede pump there. 

So "Welcome Back", readers!  Stay tuned for our picks for fall and details on an upcoming event that Jen and I are hosting to help jump start your fall wardrobe (and ours!). ~ LB

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

W2WW Around Town - Sisco and Berluti Trunk Show on May 27th

You may recall my day trip to Martha’s Vineyard last summer to meet the Sisco and Berluti sisters and scoop up some summer wrist candy.   Impulse in Wellesley is hosting the sisters Lisa and Caroline and their trunk full of goodies on May 27.  Shop the latest styles for summer or work one on one with the designers to create your own custom bracelets.  Heaven!  For someone with small wrists like myself, having the bracelet custom designed and sized is reason enough to go.  Will I see you there? ~ LB

Image from email.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My May Obsession - Mirrored Silver

"Lisa, what did I do without this shoes in my life?"

Yes, I said that.  I recently purchased two pairs of shoes, both mirrored silver.  One flat, one pump.  And honestly, what did I wear before them?  I am wearing them ALL THE TIME.  They are my new neutral, my go-tos, and soon they will be paying me to wear them.  What shoes are these you wonder?  Behold.  First up, Whistles mirrored silver ballet flats.
Image from
Image from jimmychoo.
Both shoes look great with everything!  Black, jeans, white, grey, even colors; these are the new neutral.   And now that I'm obsessed with mirrored silver, I keep seeing it everywhere!  And I want to buy more. Purses, clutches, sandals.  Watch out!  Put this on your radar and shake up your outfits with this updated, modern material.  See below for inspiration; yes, you can fit this into your wardrobe! ~ JH

W2WW Mirrored Silver

Monday, May 11, 2015

W2WW News Flash - Joie store open on Newbury Street!

One of WW2W’s favorite go-to brands just opened a stand-alone last Tuesday in our backyard!  Though I was rushing to a hair appointment, I had enough time to pop in and snap a few pictures at the new Joie store, at 141 Newbury Street.  It is inviting and beautifully done.  
For those of you in the market for slides (ahem, Jennifer), these black and camel ones were cute.  
I really liked this blue Montserrat tunic top.  Over white jeans, or a suit at the beach, it’s an easy go-to piece for summer.  And they have in matching kids sizes too, a new line they’re just introducing this season.
Come here my pretty canvas and jute tote   When you’re not accompanying me to the beach on the weekends,  you will tote my laptop and shoes to work during the week.  
This picture has all my favorite colors and patterns, though I’m not sold on big florals just yet.
The first thing I looked for when I walked in was 'soft joie', which is their “comfy” line of very wearable and affordable pieces.  There was a pretty good selection - I hope they beef it up this fall.  That, and a 3-way mirror to see what’s going on in the back, and it’s all good.  Welcome to the neighborhood Joie! ~ LB
All images from Lisa Bida.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My April Obsession - Slide Sandals

Maybe we are a little obsessed sometimes.  (For example, I just figured out, with a little Buzzfeed help and $5, how to make GIFs.  Watch out!)
.gif from
Well, the current obsession is the slide sandal.  They are everywhere, and as one friend concluded: "They are nice way to update your summer wardrobe."  A sentence like that can totally push me into a purchase.

But which one?!  I've ordered 2 pairs (one more on the way) but haven't yet found the right one for me.  But maybe some of these are right for you!

I started with Ancient Greek Sandals because I had read in either Vogue or InStyle or Marie Claire (etc.) that this brand was hot.  Enough said.  So, I ordered these babies to start:
Images from
However much I loved them in the photos, they didn't do a lot for my feet.
Images from Jennifer Houston.
The last ones looked like slippers.  Not what I'm looking for.

I'm waiting for these See by Chloe sandals to be delivered.  Will the smaller amount of leather in the front make a difference?  Will the thick sole?  I hope so. 
Image from
In the meantime, check out slides next time you are shopping, either online or in store.  For now, contemplate this selection below.  I will too!  Let us know what you find! ~ JH
W2WW: Slide Sandals

Sunday, April 12, 2015 are attending an engagement party at the Yale Club.

A reader writes: "Just got invited to an old friend's engagement party at the Yale Club in NYC (in May). Black cocktail dress seems so easy, but as a conservative, dare I think outside the box?"

Yes!  And we'd love to help you.

First, the venue.  The Yale Club is no longer a stuffy old men's club.
Image from
It has come miles from its founding over 100 years ago.  With a recent multi-million dollar renovation, the Yale Club of NYC is rocking its dignified neoclassical design in 22 stories of guest rooms, ballrooms, restaurants and modern service and amenities.
Image from
So, we're working with understated elegance.  Timeless design.  Not stuffy.  Got it.

Let's start with this lovely Kay Unger embroidered jacquard dress with pleated skirt.  It's beautifully fitted and our reader would make an elegant entrance to the party.
Image from
Next up - Teri Jon's gorgeous one-shoulder sheath dress with jewel neckline.  The asymmetric overlay creates a flattering silhouette.  Cap sleeve on the right shoulder with a lovely drape over the left.  Can't you just see our reader tittering over cocktails at the bar overlooking Grand Central Station?
Image from
I'm not a big fan of patterns, however, I do love texture to create interest when I'm wearing solids.  This Adrianna Papell sheath in orange has a classic fit, but the flowered overlay adds some fun.  It maybe a little too casual/day dress for this event.  
Image from
What about this Alex Evening sheath dress?  Blue is my new black these days.  It's much less severe than black and just as elegant.  All you need are diamond studs, a big cocktail ring, silver heels and a killer clutch.  Done and done!
Image from
Lace is a popular look again this year and the royal color is stunning on this Adrianna Papell dress.  Add some sparkly earrings, a complementary bracelet and nude sandals.  And red lips!  The model rocks it with red lips.  Red lips would be totally acceptable at the Yale Club.
Image from
Reader, we hope you are inspired; send us some pictures! ~ LB

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to cuff your jeans.

Should be simple, no?  I balked when I saw this, but in fact, I had been rolling but not tugging.  Gasp!  No matter what kind of denim you're sporting, here's the skinny on getting the perfect roll (thank you Madewell!):
Image from
"1.  Start with gently wrinkled denim, which holds its shape better than an ironed-flat pair.  (It's the same idea as unwashed, next-day hair being better at holding a curl.)
2.  Depending on how much skin you'd like to show, fold the jeans up once, approximately two inches.  Make sure this cuff is a bit larger than your ideal final roll - the extra fabric keeps the look loose, rather than starched and precise (a la Happy Days).
3.  For your last and final move, gently roll the jeans another time and-attention, please - lightly tug the cuff downward.  This creates an anchor effect so that the jeans hang stylishly straight.  Done and done." (From

A dark jean and pumps are killer paired with a loose blouse and structured blazer.
Image from
SJP rocks the skinny with flats and a big coat.
Image from
I am really into ripped jeans right now (and you should be too) and scored a great pair of Joe's Jeans on a recent trip to FL that remind me of a pair I had in college.  For a while there, my nickname was "Holes" because of my beloved Levis.  
Image from
In 2015, I'll wear a big ol' white shirt like this one from Ines de la Fressange (on promo right now for $19.90!), a scarf and layered bracelets, either with flats or canvas sneakers.

Last week, while Jen was in Tokyo, she spied the rolled look on the streets with pumps and white jeans (and white jeans were EVERYWHERE).
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Enjoy rolling your jeans!  Don't forget to try ripped jeans! ~ LB