Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ode to a ballet flat.

When the 'Brown Santa' (i.e. UPS delivery person) tossed the pink package on my doorstep yesterday morning, I was giddy with delight.  Inside?  A new pair of Pretty Ballerina ballet flats!  I'm still not sure how I/we discovered this small store in NYC, but I'm so happy we did!  It was years ago, and I ended up purchasing 2 pairs of flats, one of which was the snakeskin ballet flat.
Image from
I wore these to DEATH.  I lost a pair once (I think in Puerto Rico?!).  I reordered them.  I still love them.

One of the best thing about these shoes is that once you know what size you are in a certain model, you can reorder them in any color or print and they will fit the exact same way.  I'm a 'Rosario' size 39.  Period.  When I'm trolling the website, I click 'women' and then 'Rosario' under 'Model'.  Click, click, free shipping.  Done.  I have 4 pairs of Rosarios 'in rotation' right now.  Other models include the 'Lena' model has a pointed toe, the 'Shirley' has an elastic band around the shoe's opening and a round toe, and the 'Faye' is more of a smoking slipper. 

After an extensive search this spring for a perfect black ballet flat (criteria: rubber sole, structured shoe but not too 'fancy'), I just had to go back to my standard.  And the prices?  Under $200, which is less than the Tory Burch Reva ballet flat.  So today, these lovelies arrived.  Hello new shoes!  Welcome to my closet.
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If you find yourself in NYC, check out their stores - the original, shoe-box-sized store is on 1034 Lexington at 74th Street and their new 'flagship' store is located at 27 East 67th Street at Madison (there are also stores in Beverly Hill and Palm Beach).  And figure out what model and size you are for future purchases!

Note:  The return policy is 'tight', like 14 days tight.  And they are shipped with a bag taped like shipping paper around the shoe box.  It's not as easy of a transaction as a Zappos one would be, but it's worth it. ~ JH

Monday, April 14, 2014

…it's raining.

While we're awaiting the arrival of spring and flip flop season (although today's a pretty fantastic day), it's time to pull out the rain boots.  My littles (i.e. smaller children) burned through two pairs this spring already, splitting the back seam.  I'm about to bite the bullet and get them real boots.  Not Hunters, Sperrys or Joules.  They are pretty but not workhorses.  I'm trying my luck with Muck.  

I first spotted Muck Boots at the barn where my daughter takes horseback riding lessons.  They look tough and are built to handle every day wear and tear.  They are REAL boots -  they are used by REAL outdoors folks - on the farm in the midwest, in the wilds of Alaska, or even at the local barn.  These are premium boots, designed to be comfortable with reinforced achilles protection, and a sole that won't hold fine rocks. Who even knew I needed that?!   Of course, Mucks are 100% waterproof.  But best of all, these beauties are insulated with a fine woven neoprene which means feet will be warm and toasty when the kids are sloshing through slush next winter. Sign them up...and me too. ~ LB

Addition from JH:  I laughed when Lisa sent this over because I've worn Muck Boots at the stable where my daughter rides for a few years.  I bit the bullet for the simple functionality.  Well, Muck Boots have come a long way since I purchased mine at Dover Saddlery; there are fun color combos and all different styles (tall, short). Mine are like the first ones pictured, but not as cool. ~ JH

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

W2WW News Flash - Calypso Friends & Family thru April 15th + Tory Burch opening store in Natick Mall

Quick News Flash of 2 things we love!

First, we received an email today that Calypso Friends and Family sale gets you 25% off regularly priced merchandise thru April 15th! 
Image from
Online, use the code SPRINGFF14.  Time to pick up some AG White Stilt jeans for summer.
Image from
Second, as I was walking through "Satellite West" (i.e. The Natick Mall) last night, I happened upon this, across from Burberry.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Yippee!  A local Tory!  Looks like it's opening this summer. ~ JH

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kendra's Challenge Part 2 - What to Wear during the Day at Disney

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Alice in Wonderland clearly liked her options.  The days and nights at Disney are fun-filled and can require quite a few wardrobe changes.  If you recall from our "Kendra's Challenge Part 1" postKendra Thornton, a travel industry publicist and spokeswoman, reached out to us last week with a question!  Entitled "Kendra's Fashion Challenge", Kendra is challenging fashion bloggers to help her with her wardrobe on an upcoming trip to Epcot Center at Disney in Orlando.

"...I am asking some of my favorite bloggers for fashion help! This contest is called “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge.” I knew that bloggers such as Lisa and Jen could help me find the right styles, trends and colors that would enhance my personal look! They will be assisting me with a fashion wardrobe in order to look great for my upcoming vacation."

And Jen and I are happy to help out.   Kendra, when you wake up from your night on the town, here are a few tips on daywear at Disney.

I put together a few pieces that mix and match so you have lots of outfit options...and more room in your suitcase for all the "mouse ear" souvenirs!  A couple of guidelines for your 'day at Disney':

1.  Stick with shorts.  You're going to be climbing, whirling, spinning, and splashing. This is no time for a skirt! I like orange and classic stripes that are hot right now. They are basic, yet punchy, and pair easily with tops galore...from a white tee to a gauzy floral blouse.  

2.  Keep a cardigan and scarf in your bag.  Think lightweight.   Easy to grab when you hit the AC.

3.  I love this white packable windbreaker from the Ines de la Fressange collection from Uniqlo (see below!).  It packs down to the size of a pocket size tissue pack and is handy for a sudden shower or blast of AC.

4.  Hands free baby!  Get yourself a stylish backpack for all the stuff you'll need to carry for the rest of the family in addition to your own.   There are so many fun styles and colors that not only look smashingly cool but are blissfully functional.  

5. To keep your feet happy, go with a fabulous pair of canvas sneakers.   Tory Burch, Superga and Old Navy have some great choices.  Go solid or funky.

6.  Save the long necklaces and big earrings for evening wear.  A short choker necklace and stack of colorful bracelets look pretty and won't get in the way when you're navigating the rides around the park.

7.   A jaunty straw hat is breathable and will keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your hair (if you color) from sun bleaching.  And sunglasses are a must in sunny Florida!

Bon voyage Kendra!  Hope we helped with your fashion dilemmas! ~ LB

W2WW - Daywear at Disney

Kendra's Challenge Part 1 - What to Wear during the Evening at Disney

Last week, Kendra Thornton, a travel industry publicist and spokeswoman, reached out to us with a question!  Entitled "Kendra's Fashion Challenge", Kendra is challenging fashion bloggers to help her with her wardrobe on an upcoming trip:

"I am absolutely ecstatic to visit Epcot theme park in Orlando with my family this spring! The only aspect I am not very thrilled with is my wardrobe. I am asking some of my favorite bloggers for fashion help! This contest is called “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge.” I knew that bloggers such as Lisa and Jen could help me find the right styles, trends and colors that would enhance my personal look! They will be assisting me with a fashion wardrobe in order to look great for my upcoming vacation."
You all know that Lisa and I love a challenge so here we go!  I'll be tackling 'evening' in this post while Lisa will be tackling 'day' in the next one.  Here are some thoughts from Kendra:

"I am really looking forward to having some outfits that will enhance my Epcot experience, whether I am visiting the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium, swimming with my children in a hotel pool or having a romantic dinner with my husband. Whatever the experience is, it is important that I look fantastic for it. With help from my wonderful bloggers, I will truly look the part. Orlando, here I come."

Fortunately, I have been to Disney and Epcot in Orlando and a few logistical things pop into my mind when it comes to evening:

1.  You will be walking.  Even in the evening.  To the monorail, to the restaurant, to the fireworks.  So much to see and do.

2.  It will be warm outside but air-conditioned in restaurants.  

So, what's a girl to do?!  Start with footwear - and I highly recommend wedges - either espadrilles or sandals for evening.  I LOVE wearing heels at night, and wedges are the comfortable option for this trip.  Try to pick one fabulous, neutral pair for easy packing. Wedges are everywhere and will make their way into your everyday wardrobe when you are home too. 

For the outfit, go with one of 2 'uniforms' - white, skinny pants and a bright silk top OR tunic-type or sleeved dress.  The pants uniform is easy - pack a couple of fun tops and statement necklaces to mix and match.  The dress uniform is pretty easy too - think of these things when picking out a dress for evening:

  • Stay clear of a maxi dress as I find it swirls around your legs while walking, and you could be walking a good distance (from Epcot to monorail to Magic Kingdom for fireworks).  Personally, it annoys me to have a dress swirling around my legs even through I love maxi dresses. 
  • Think of a short-sleeve instead of sleeveless - the air-conditioning is pumping at Disney and I get freezing in that environment.
  • Choose a material that packs well, or be ready to get your iron out. 
  • Honestly, I think a cocktail dress is too much.  Yes, Victoria and Alberts in the Grand Floridian requires sports coats for men; if you are dining there, think of the dress uniform.  Otherwise, these outfit choices should carry you through.
Time to put away your day tote bag or backpack and break out a cute clutch!  Maybe a cross-body bag to keep you hands-free while enjoying the sights.

Check out the Polyvore set I created with some inspirational outfits!  Kendra, I hope this helps you with your packing!  Have a fabulous trip! ~ JH

W2WW - Dining at Disney

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Purse envy.

As I think I've mentioned before, I take my handbags pretty seriously.  I take my time, do research, and stalk them like prey in the store before actually pulling the trigger and purchasing.  While some of them have been love-at-first-sight, it's rare that a purse takes my breath away.  

But last night, that's just what happened.  The perfect, cross-body, convertible-to-clutch purse walked in my front door.  On a friend's shoulder.  I don't even think I said 'hi' to her.  I went straight for the purse.  Here it is, in all it's perfection, the Gucci Soho Chain Shoulder Bag.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Ironically, I had admired this bag on another friend a few weeks ago.  This friend has it in black and wore it to an event in Boston.
Image from
I fawned over it, told her I loved it, and even looked at it online.  Filed it away in that part of my brain.  But when that neutral, python, TASSELED bag walked in last night, I had to play with it.  It's a cross body - you can tuck the chain in and make it a clutch.  You can remove the tassel, but really, why on earth would you.  You can cross the chain under the flap and make it a shoulder bag.  Truly, it's heaven.  Kudos to the friend who purchased it.  I'm jealous. ~ JH

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

W2WW News Flash - Crazy sale at J.Crew!

Even though Lisa and I are fine with paying full retail, what we really love is a great deal.  And boy, does J.Crew have one right now, in stores.  I popped into the J.Crew at Legacy Place this morning to be pleasantly surprised that everything (excluding denim) in the store was 25% off.  And if the item was on sale already, it was 20% off AND THEN an additional 25% off.  CRAZY.  I talked to a salesperson, who said that the sale items are final sale and that the sale will go through March 27th.  

For example, I picked up this scarf.  Retail priced at $55.  25% off made it $41.25.  Excellent!
Image from Jennifer Houston.
I had originally gone into J.Crew for a present, but remembered I needed a light-weight, black sweater too.  I combed through the sale section, and found this.
Image from
Plain and simple, light merino wool - just what I needed.  The original retail price is $79.50.  It was already on sale for $59.99.  20% off the final sale brought it to $47.99, and the additional 25% off brought it down to $35.99.  Excellent!

Oh, and I did pick up the present, but I can't discuss it, because it's for a friend who is a reader.  He-he-he.  Get to a J.Crew this week (maybe say 'hi' to Sylvia in the Natick, MA store!)! ~ JH