Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to cuff your jeans.

Should be simple, no?  I balked when I saw this, but in fact, I had been rolling but not tugging.  Gasp!  No matter what kind of denim you're sporting, here's the skinny on getting the perfect roll (thank you Madewell!):
Image from
"1.  Start with gently wrinkled denim, which holds its shape better than an ironed-flat pair.  (It's the same idea as unwashed, next-day hair being better at holding a curl.)
2.  Depending on how much skin you'd like to show, fold the jeans up once, approximately two inches.  Make sure this cuff is a bit larger than your ideal final roll - the extra fabric keeps the look loose, rather than starched and precise (a la Happy Days).
3.  For your last and final move, gently roll the jeans another time and-attention, please - lightly tug the cuff downward.  This creates an anchor effect so that the jeans hang stylishly straight.  Done and done." (From

A dark jean and pumps are killer paired with a loose blouse and structured blazer.
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SJP rocks the skinny with flats and a big coat.
Image from
I am really into ripped jeans right now (and you should be too) and scored a great pair of Joe's Jeans on a recent trip to FL that remind me of a pair I had in college.  For a while there, my nickname was "Holes" because of my beloved Levis.  
Image from
In 2015, I'll wear a big ol' white shirt like this one from Ines de la Fressange (on promo right now for $19.90!), a scarf and layered bracelets, either with flats or canvas sneakers.

Last week, while Jen was in Tokyo, she spied the rolled look on the streets with pumps and white jeans (and white jeans were EVERYWHERE).
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Enjoy rolling your jeans!  Don't forget to try ripped jeans! ~ LB

Wednesday, March 4, 2015's Spring 2015: Florals

Yes, kind of obvious, spring, flowers.  You get it.  But this spring, there are SO many florals to be worn in SO many different ways.  Shoes, dresses, t-shirts, clutches, scarves, lions and tigers and bears oh my!  

Clearly I'm tired of my neutral palette and feeling the need for color (or could it be the 4' snow drifts out my back door?!).  BUT - what I realized last year with these shoes...
Image from that my neutral wardrobe can be completely updated with a floral piece!  A couple of things with florals...
  • Get one or 2 key pieces.  I have those shoes and I purchased a dress for Easter that's a floral pattern.  I think that's enough.  Well, maybe a scarf?  
  • Floral doesn't have to mean "prissy".  Those Givenchy black floral pumps in the Polyvore set below are killer - imagine them with black jeans, black blazer with white t-shirt under?  HOT.
  • If you end up with a floral dress or another piece that has a large amount of floral, minimize everything else.  I'm wearing my barely-there sandals on Easter to go with the floral dress I purchased (not unlike that Ted Baker dress below).  Make all other items neutral - jewelry, shoes, purse.  
  • A floral scarf can cheer up any neutral outfit!
  • An understated floral top can be a nod to the trend if you don't want to jump into the deep end (with an all-over print dress).  And if you don't want to scream floral, pair with a neutral blazer for a little edge or structure or a cardigan.  Both let the floral 'peek' out.
Play with these items next time you find yourself at the mall!  Think spring! ~ JH

W2WW Spring 2015: Florals

Monday, March 2, 2015's Spring 2015: Fringe

A big trend this spring that I want to integrate into the repertoire is fringe.  The tassel has been big for a few seasons and now we've morphed to a full-on fringe binge.  From shoes to earrings, it's easy to add some swing to your look.  Here's some rules of thumb:
  • Pick one.  Not two.  Stick to one key piece.
  • Think of fringe like a pop of color.  It’s got great movement and will draw the eye to it so when you pick a piece, know it will get attention.  If you don’t like your feet, don’t get fringe sandals.
  • No fringe dresses - too 1920s. A vest or jacket over a very neutral palette will work so much better.
  • Get leather.  Faux fringe on a bag will not fall well and it will look cheap.  Keep it real.
Have fun with fringe! ~ LB
W2WW Fringe

Saturday, February 28, 2015's Spring 2015: Pink

Lisa and I had a first, great shop this spring on Thursday with the one-and-only Loren Munro at Bloomingdales.  Maybe because we're sick and tired of the snow, winter sweaters and winter boots, but one thing stood out to us:  pink.  Theory had some great blush/tan/pink items, Ted Baker had some lovely pink and floral pieces, and Vince had some yummy pink cashmere.  Even I, the queen of neutral, got in on the act.  A Vince sweater with a MaxMara scarf and a Ted Baker t-shirt - all in pink.  What is the world coming to?!

Lisa has been known to dabble in pink, so she had no trouble jumping into the pool.  Next time you are out, gravitate towards a springy pink.  See some of our favorites below. ~ JH

W2WW Pretty in Pink

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

W2WW News Flash - Head to T.J.Maxx - New Designer Arrivals in store now

There may be 89” of snow on the ground here in Boston, but I’m thinking spring!  

With yet another blizzard on tap for the weekend, it was time for another day of snow forts, hot cocoa, movies and Legos.  So my hub and I loaded the kids in the car to Toys R Us for a Lego shopping spree.   Shopping for clothing YES!  For Legos, not so much.  Oh look!  It’s a T.J.Maxx next to Toys R Us.  Drop me off people.  

I bee-lined straight to the Runway Section.  If you’re not familiar, Runway is separate section in the store that has designer clothing at 1/3 of the original price.  Usually it’s one season behind or sometimes, current season.   

It was eerily quiet (as most sane people were already home and hunkered down).  Just me and racks and racks of New Designer Arrivals.  Hello Vince and Helmut!  My dear, dear friends, Rag and Bone, and Theory.  DVF, Missoni, Tory Burch, Moschino.  Clothing! Shoes! Purses!

Images from Lisa Bida.
 I spy with my little eye some Valentino and Chloe with a sale tag on it….
Image from Lisa Bida.
Time was limited so I need to work fast!  Here are some of my favorite finds.  I’m a sucker for navy and white stripes, as you know, and this Tory Burch dress is a cute find. $99.
Image from Lisa Bida.
Rag and Bone Prairie Shirtdress in black and white.  Gorgeous skirt dress from Rag and Bone.  $199.  Originally $495.  No white in my size. :-( Adore!
Image from
This Gucci Bag is crazy amazing.  Love everything about it.
Image from Lisa Bida.
Vince Double V neck white linen sweater, $99 (originally $225).  Wear it with faded or white jeans, sandals or heels.  Done!
Image from
Helmut Lang, black and white silk front tank, black jersey back.  $99.  Very cute transition top that can be worn under a blazer to work or black sweater for a more casual look.
Image from
In the hopes that someday summer will come, I tried on this red La Blanca swim suit to cheer me up.  $30, originally $115.
Image from
If you’re in the Northeast, grab the shovel and dig yourself a path to TJMaxx.  There’s some deals to be had! ~ LB

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February obsession - these Chloe Sandals

Sometimes, there's an item of clothing or an accessory that I can't believe isn't on the market.  Or at least, I can't find it.  For a long time (ask Lisa), I've been searching for a nude colored, strappy sandal.  Would go with everything, right?  A classic pair of shoes.  SO hard to find.

And then this week, finally.  At Bloomingdales.  I gasped when I saw them and didn't hesitate to purchase them immediately.  I did try them on, but really, I didn't need to.  And, come to find, they are REALLY hard to find online.  I did find a photo of them to share with you.  Check them out:
Image from
The heel height is perfect at about 2 3/4".  The color (nudes can be so tricky against your skin tone) is perfect.  Ahhhh.  Now if the snow would just stop/go away/melt so I can wear them. ~ JH

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cheap & Cheerful - Everlane

There have been a couple of articles over the past few weeks about how Angelina Jolie has been shopping this online store, Everlane. even had an article about it.  She, and other actors, created a stampede for their Petra tote bag and therefore, a wait-list for it last year.  See it pictured below:
Image from
So what the heck is Everlane?
Image from
It is simple, quality clothing at a good price.  Their tag-line is this: "Radical Transparency:  Know your factories.  Know your costs.  Always ask why."  According to their website, "We spend months finding the best factories around the world - the very same ones that produce your favorite designer labels. We visit them often...this hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure a factory's integrity.  We believe customers have the right to know what their products cost to make...we reveal our true costs, and then we show you our markup....Being online only, we eliminate brick-and-mortar expenses and pass these savings onto you."

Ok, I'm curious.  A little late-night shopping reveals that they sell solid basics: t-shirts, cashmere sweaters, gorgeous leather bags.  For a lot less than a lot of stores. (Except maybe the leather bags, but they are lovely.  The large Petra tote is $365, but stated to retail at $1,300.)  They have free shipping for purchases of 2 items or more.  Strictly for blogging research (wink, wink), I quickly click 2 items into my cart, a navy v-neck t-shirt and a grey, short-sleeved sweatshirt.
Images from
The t-shirt is $15 and the sweatshirt is $30.  Crazy, right?!  

They arrived quickly and I'm keeping both.  The $15 t-shirt is great; it's no 'tissue' tee, but it's not heavy either.  The perfect weight.  (I wonder if they have the perfect white t-shirt?!  Might have to "research" that!) The short sleeve sweatshirt is boxy but cute. Just as advertised.  Great material.  

If you are looking for good basics, it's worth a look.  Beware to check the sizing - things seem to run small and I definitely would have ordered a different size had I not looked at the sizing charts!  Enjoy, and report back with your finds! ~ JH