Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to cuff your jeans.

Should be simple, no?  I balked when I saw this, but in fact, I had been rolling but not tugging.  Gasp!  No matter what kind of denim you're sporting, here's the skinny on getting the perfect roll (thank you Madewell!):
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"1.  Start with gently wrinkled denim, which holds its shape better than an ironed-flat pair.  (It's the same idea as unwashed, next-day hair being better at holding a curl.)
2.  Depending on how much skin you'd like to show, fold the jeans up once, approximately two inches.  Make sure this cuff is a bit larger than your ideal final roll - the extra fabric keeps the look loose, rather than starched and precise (a la Happy Days).
3.  For your last and final move, gently roll the jeans another time and-attention, please - lightly tug the cuff downward.  This creates an anchor effect so that the jeans hang stylishly straight.  Done and done." (From

A dark jean and pumps are killer paired with a loose blouse and structured blazer.
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SJP rocks the skinny with flats and a big coat.
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I am really into ripped jeans right now (and you should be too) and scored a great pair of Joe's Jeans on a recent trip to FL that remind me of a pair I had in college.  For a while there, my nickname was "Holes" because of my beloved Levis.  
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In 2015, I'll wear a big ol' white shirt like this one from Ines de la Fressange (on promo right now for $19.90!), a scarf and layered bracelets, either with flats or canvas sneakers.

Last week, while Jen was in Tokyo, she spied the rolled look on the streets with pumps and white jeans (and white jeans were EVERYWHERE).
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Enjoy rolling your jeans!  Don't forget to try ripped jeans! ~ LB

Wednesday, March 4, 2015's Spring 2015: Florals

Yes, kind of obvious, spring, flowers.  You get it.  But this spring, there are SO many florals to be worn in SO many different ways.  Shoes, dresses, t-shirts, clutches, scarves, lions and tigers and bears oh my!  

Clearly I'm tired of my neutral palette and feeling the need for color (or could it be the 4' snow drifts out my back door?!).  BUT - what I realized last year with these shoes...
Image from that my neutral wardrobe can be completely updated with a floral piece!  A couple of things with florals...
  • Get one or 2 key pieces.  I have those shoes and I purchased a dress for Easter that's a floral pattern.  I think that's enough.  Well, maybe a scarf?  
  • Floral doesn't have to mean "prissy".  Those Givenchy black floral pumps in the Polyvore set below are killer - imagine them with black jeans, black blazer with white t-shirt under?  HOT.
  • If you end up with a floral dress or another piece that has a large amount of floral, minimize everything else.  I'm wearing my barely-there sandals on Easter to go with the floral dress I purchased (not unlike that Ted Baker dress below).  Make all other items neutral - jewelry, shoes, purse.  
  • A floral scarf can cheer up any neutral outfit!
  • An understated floral top can be a nod to the trend if you don't want to jump into the deep end (with an all-over print dress).  And if you don't want to scream floral, pair with a neutral blazer for a little edge or structure or a cardigan.  Both let the floral 'peek' out.
Play with these items next time you find yourself at the mall!  Think spring! ~ JH

W2WW Spring 2015: Florals

Monday, March 2, 2015's Spring 2015: Fringe

A big trend this spring that I want to integrate into the repertoire is fringe.  The tassel has been big for a few seasons and now we've morphed to a full-on fringe binge.  From shoes to earrings, it's easy to add some swing to your look.  Here's some rules of thumb:
  • Pick one.  Not two.  Stick to one key piece.
  • Think of fringe like a pop of color.  It’s got great movement and will draw the eye to it so when you pick a piece, know it will get attention.  If you don’t like your feet, don’t get fringe sandals.
  • No fringe dresses - too 1920s. A vest or jacket over a very neutral palette will work so much better.
  • Get leather.  Faux fringe on a bag will not fall well and it will look cheap.  Keep it real.
Have fun with fringe! ~ LB
W2WW Fringe