Monday, August 19, 2013

Are we too old for leather leggings?

We have a loyal reader in Montana who sent us this question:

"Am I too old for leather leggings? My personal shopper made my buy then at Nordies - they're (p)leather in the front and legging material on the back. I like them but not sure... Advice? Am I smoking crack?

They looked v cute with a white and black long sleeves Vince sweater. Which leads me to my 2nd question. It was so soft and cozy I could die. But at $335 for a non staple item - it was too much. Any ideas for the same look & style for less??"

NO!  You are NOT TOO OLD for leather leggings.  Lisa and I BOTH have a pair.  They are EVERYWHERE this year and just gaining in popularity.  The trick is, how to wear them.  I favor a slightly oversized sweater (with or without top underneath, that can cover your posterior) worn with really sharp (as in spiffy) ballet flats OR, more often than not, heels.  See these looks for some of my favorites (I actually have the same sweater/top combination in the Olivia Palermo photo - first photo - and wear them over my leggings as well).
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Onto your second question - Lisa and I are HUGE fans of most things Vince.  I understand the dilemma with spending a large amount of money on an item like this.  Part of me wants to say "buy fewer things of a high quality (Vince) rather than a couple of things that are lower quality".  The other part of me says "what else is out there?".   (And, there's a 3rd part of me that would watch sites like or like a hawk for a sale and buy the Vince sweater then.  Yes, I do that.)

I took to Polyvore to see if I could find a couple of items that might fit the bill at a lower price point.  Nordstrom's Trouve line and had some good choices.  I will say that Vince's sweater softness and ease of wearing trumps a lot out there.  Hope this inspires!  Good luck, and enjoy your leggings! ~ JH

W2WW: With Leather Leggings

Michael Kors loose fitting sweater / OTTE oversized sweater / Uniqlo sweater / Trouvé over sized sweater / Halogen long sweater / Thml Clothing black top / J.Crew white blouse / Madewell chambray shirt / ELAN pullover sweater / Kensie pull on pants / Vince slim pants / Halogen ponte pants


  1. Not sure how comfortable those leggings for women would be. It also might squeak.