Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fashion for your bed.

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Nothing is better than a good night's sleep.  Jen and I have a favorite linen and towel maker, Matouk, located right here in Massachusetts, and they will be building a brand new $10 million facility.   The article crossed my desk, and I had to share our love of Matouk with you.  

Matouk sheets are heavenly and I swear to God,  I sleep better when my bed is made with them and not the ones from TJ Maxx.  There is something about the weave and quality of cotton.  In the summer, they are cool and crisp and in the cooler months, they feel comforting and snuggly. The sheets come in mostly white or ivory and are beautifully embellished with embroidery or trim.  Matouk offers a Bespoke (custom, made to order) line which is beyond exquisite and unlike any regular embroidery you’ve ever seen. 

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You can outfit your whole bed with duvets, blankets, pillows, etc. for a little bit of boudoir heaven. (And you know I love to monogram anything that's not nailed down! ~ JH)
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Stop by Bonsoir in Wellesley and feel for yourself.  And, we'll let you in on our little secret - Matouk has a true factory store, at their factory in Fall River, MA. Bonsoir, indeed! ~ LB

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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No, that's not the number of pairs of shoes in our closets.  Although we might be close.  It's this post - #100!  We've had a blast so far and will continue to blogging away.  Here are some of our favorite posts that you might have missed.

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What's been your favorite post?  Do you have a fashion question?  Don't hesitate to email us at or  Thanks for continuing to read! ~ LB & JH

Monday, September 24, 2012

W2WW hits the runway at J.Crew!

My usually boring, getting-ready-for-the-week Sunday night was anything but last night as I got all decked out in J.Crew for a fall fashion show at the Natick Collection store.  When it comes to the fashion part, I can hold my own.  But walking the runway was going to be something all together different.  

I dressed in one of the outfits that J.Crew stylist Sylvia Gesell put together for me and was accessorized by Jen, who I was missing terribly at this point!  The pre-show banter in the dressing room amongst the "talent" was a welcome distraction.  There were about 20 of us in total, decked out from head to toe in J.Crew.  There was a lot of complimenting going on and shopping the outfit that your neighbor was wearing.  I swear one woman was going to buy those cheetah pumps right out from under me.

Here's a super fall pairing of navy and royal with some J.Crew signature arm candy.  And those MacAlister wedge boots looked sharp with the pegged jeans.

So here I am in the burgundy trousers with cashmere camel v-neck sweater and amazing cheetah ponyhair pumps.   We accessorized the outfit with a bright pink clutch, big sparkly necklace, and those fabulous cheetah and gold bracelets.   It all happened so quickly I just went with it and had fun.  I saw a few camel sweaters and burgundy Minnie pants at the check out after the show and am happy to have inspired the audience.
Here are two of my other favorite looks from the night.  The layered vest over a colorblock camel & black blazer was hot. Underneath was a sparkly top and those fabulous multi-strand pearls that could dress up a burlap bag and make it rock.  If you haven't discovered the multi-strand pearls yet, click on the link right now and see what you're missing. 
The men who were modeling were outstanding, especially rugged guy and cool dude behind him.
Best of all was walking out and in between the flashes, seeing friends and readers cheering me on.  

Thanks for your support ladies! ~ LB
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Thursday, September 20, 2012 are attending the Ryder Cup.

Loving this question, sent to us by a reader in Montana!  Here is her inquiry:

"How about What to Wear When you're going to the Ryder Cup in Chicago (or other such fashionable sporting event) in 2 weeks time with your husband and his colleagues, clients and Other Very Important People. And be able to walk around."

The key to the outfit has already been stated: "be able to walk around".  This is an outside golf event during which attendees might walk the course, visit a corporate tent for lunch, etc.  

We need to start with the shoes.  If the weather is good, ballet flats, comfortable wedges, or non-sport sneakers (like Superga sneakers) are perfectly acceptable.  If the weather is not cooperating OR the ground is really wet and soft, think about a pair of fashionable wellington boots (Hunter for example) with pants tucked in.  Whatever you do, make sure they are known by you to be comfortable.  In this reader's situation (with husband's colleagues & clients), I would skip traditional sneakers and tennis shoes.

Now, let's focus on the outfit.  Golf tournaments tend to be preppy, conservative events. Think lots of guys in golf shirts, khaki pants or shorts, and windbreakers.  Anything really trendy will be out of place especially with business colleagues in the mix; while leather is hot for fall, it's really wrong on the links.  Since it will be late September, pick a pair of cropped or long cotton pants.  Personally I rule out jeans, and skirts and dresses at this time of year aren't the best choices.

Next, a collared shirt, or if it's cooler outside, sweater layers with a scarf.  A scarf adds a layer of warmth that can be removed and tied around your handbag strap as the day warms.  Do not underestimate the usefulness of a scarf!  

If it's cooler weather, top your outfit with a cute jacket or raincoat.  Keep your accessories light - don't wear 'noisy' jewelry that might distract a competitor in their backswing.  Take along a medium sized handbag in which to store your sunglasses (or a small umbrella) or drape your jacket over if the day warms up.  If you are feeling really cheeky and the sun is out, add a cute fedora.  Totally chic! 

Check out the looks I put together on Polyvore.  Hope this inspires you! Fore! ~ JH

W2WW: Attending a Golf Tournament

Acne sweater

$24 -

James Perse knit top

Mango cotton shirt



MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kor
$235 -

J.Crew capri pants

Striped pants

Hunter boots
$165 -

Hunter boots

Superga sneaker

Tory Burch wedge shoes

Frye ballet flat

Madewell ballet flat



Hermès enamel jewelry

Tiffany Co tiffany co

J Crew fedora hat


Parker Blue scarve

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 are attending a memorial service or funeral.

Unfortunately, events like these are hard enough without having to come up with a couple of outfits to get you through.  I will be attending a memorial service this weekend and there are a couple of tips and hints I'd like to share based on experience and the scenarios presented.

1.  Black isn't the only acceptable color.  While it just happens that I'll be wearing a black outfit to the dinner on Saturday night, there are plenty of other suitable colors to wear to events like these.  I love wearing navy or cobalt blues; they aren't as somber while being completely respectful at the same time.  I'll be wearing a blue dress to the cemetery in the morning with a black heel.  Oxblood is a great color choice right now as well as the full range of grays and some aubergines.  

2.  If you are going to the cemetery, be aware of your shoe choices.  Nothing like a heel to sink you into the ground.  You can do one of 2 things:  wear a heel that you don't mind getting a little dirty (like my 5 year old Kate Spade black pumps versus my brand new Manolo black pumps) OR find a 'stacked heel' pump.  Wedges are ok too if they are classic and appropriate.  Patent leather works better in damp grass than plain leather.  Leave suede at home.

3.  Don't overlook outerwear.  These events go on rain-or-shine, so the appropriate outwear is necessary.  I'm afraid that a rain parka is not going to cut it.  A classic trench in either khaki, black or navy will do.  In the winter, a long, wool, dark colored topcoat is your option with leather gloves.  Always be sure to have these classic pieces ready to go. There is a threat of rain in the weekend forecast, so I'll be sure to have my black trench with me.  Pack a small, black umbrella in your car.  You'll be grateful that you're not using your flowered Vera Bradley umbrella (which is the only one in my trunk right now).

4.  Keep it simple and classic.  Now is the time to break out your quilted shoulder bag, diamond studs, gold bangle, and conservative pumps.  Leave anything trendy at home.  

5.  Pack a wrap.  Not only are places of worship sometimes cold and drafty buildings, but keeping your shoulders covered is respectful.  If your dress or skirt/top or pants suit is short sleeved or cap sleeved, please consider a wrap for around your shoulders.  I literally just purchased one yesterday, from W by Worth; it's a black wool wrap with ruffled edges.  I have no doubt it will be used a lot this weekend.

6.  Don't forget the basics.  Cotton handkerchief and/or tissues.  Sunglasses.  Compact mirror and pressed powder.  Turn your cell phone to vibrate, or better yet, leave it in the car.  

I hope that covers it.  See some sample outfits below.  Let us know if you have any other tips or hints. ~ JH

W2WW: Attending a Memorial

Wallis black cocktail dress

Theory pants

Rachel Roy leather shoes

L.K.Bennett flat shoes
$315 -

L.K.Bennett flat shoes
$315 -

Prada pointed toe pumps

Chanel handbag

Marc Jacobs marc jacob

Cartier watch

Banana Republic flower jewelry

Ann Taylor pave jewelry

Michael Kors pave stud earrings

Valentino scarve

Tory burch sunglasses