Thursday, April 26, 2012

W2WW News Flash - J.Crew / Manolo Blahnik collaboration NOT happening this fall.

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After much anticipation and rumor, J.Crew finally confirmed today that there will not be a collaboration with Manolo Blahnik this fall.  Boo.

Apparently, the rumor began at J.Crew's Fall 2012 runway presentation. Lisa and I got really excited (we love the Target collaborations, especially Calypso St. Barth and Missoni), but starting reading conflicting reports.  Like, that Mr. Blahnik didn't realize he was part of a collaboration.

Glad that's cleared up. ~ JH

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shopping around Paris - Random wrap-up.

I took a break from 're-entry' today, i.e. laundry, grocery, etc., and just had coffee with another francophile friend; it was like walking back through the streets of Paris.  As we went through the photos on my iPhone and talked about the great dinners and shopping streets, it made me want to wrap up my take-aways from what I saw in Paris, both in fashion and around town.

The colors:

  • Blues, both navy and cobalt, are big.  There was an interesting saffron color that accompanied many of the blue looks. 
  • Vibrant orange and red, and all shades in between, were everywhere as well.  
  • A hint of jewel green was peeking out from some racks here and there.  
  • Pastels were hard to find to be honest.  
  • Black is ALWAYS in.

What people were wearing:  

  • Skinny pants (jeans, black pants) tucked into flat booties.  
  • Shorter skirts and dresses paired with stockings and heeled booties (not a look that I will be daring to wear, but all the young Parisians were sporting this, when not in pants).  
  • One word, booties.  
  • Cute spring jackets in leathers of many colors.  
  • Tribal accents.  
  • Scarves, scarves, scarves.  
  • People were definitely NOT wearing the outfit on the left below, even though a boutique opted to highlight it in their window. Tulle skirt over colored jeans?  Better for a 6 year old?  Non?  Had to take a pic!

Image from Jennifer Houston.

  • Lace, in tops, dresses, skirts.  Read our earlier post to see what lace items look good here in the US.  
  • Leather/suede - those cute leather jackets.  Leather in jewelry.  Suede shoes everywhere.  
  • Suede in colors, in neutrals, in purses.  
  • In fact, on our last day in the City of Light, we walked around our favorite neighborhood, taking in the sites and sounds.  And one final boutique, with a clutch, that had to come home.  From ba&sh, I couldn't leave it in the store.

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And while my trip is over, I'm already thinking ahead to the next.  Let us know if you are headed to Paris, New York, or anywhere for that matter, and share YOUR finds.  We always like a good lead here at W2WW.  ~ JH

Monday, April 23, 2012

W2WW News Flash - Saks Friends and Family!

Just a quick note about Saks Friends and Family sale - online sale starts now, while in-store sale starts on Wednesday, the 25th.  Use the codes below to save 20% off, with exclusions, of course.  Happy shopping! ~ JH
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Shopping around Paris - Part 2.

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to head up to Printemps, another huge Parisian department store.  ("Hey kids, let's take the Metro from the Louvre to Printemps!  What's Printemps?  You'll see!")
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I was going to check out their shoe department and their accessories.  With the fam in tow, I had to be selective.

Discovered, upon arrival, that there was an entire floor devoted to women's shoes.  Mon Dieu!  After parking the fam with iPhones in one section, I took off across the floor to see what there was.  Repetto had a huge section, with every ballet flat in every color you could imagine and then some.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
The tribal theme played prominently with some of the more 'trendier' shoe lines, like these from Minelli.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
I stopped at the Colisee de Sacha section of shoes; they had the flat booties I had seen earlier and wanted to try them on.  
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Alas, they were a little lighter in color than I wanted and I wasn't going to lug a pair of booties home that I'm not going to wear.

In fact, this brings me to a point of introspection. Lisa and I have been emailing while I've been here, and she's really concerned that I haven't purchased that much.  I guess I'm being really particular this trip.  It's not like I'm here with Lisa or another girlfriend, shopping every second of the day, only stopping for cheese, wine and dinner.  With only an hour or so to poke around every other day, I really want to bring something home that's unique but that I will also wear in Boston.  It's that "vacation-purchase" problem - you purchase something while you are away because you think it's perfect, yet can't think how on earth to wear it when you are home, living your normal, everyday life.   When I'm here to shop, I make a list of what my priorities are and go all in; this trip, I'm just hunting and pecking away whenever I have a minute.

Back to Printemps.  Realizing that my time was limited and there were too many shoes to effectively examine, the fam and I went down to the accessories floor.  After a quick review, I found what I was looking for!  A place for the fam to sit down and have a snack, giving me a little more time before anyone melted down!  Cojean cafe, on the accessories level.
Image from
Off I went, starting first in scarves.  Again, a ton to choose from at all different price points.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Purchased one scarf as a gift and moved onto jewelry.  One of the things I love about jewelry sections of department stores in Paris is that they tend to be vast, well staffed, and there are a lot of different designers represented.  As I wandered in and around the displays, I found the jewelry to be colorful, big, and in many cases, leaning towards 'tribal'.  These were from a line called Scooter, and turquoise played predominately in that line as well as others.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
These were shown by GAS Bijoux.  Lots of feathers.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
And then I turned the corner and had a moment.  Finally.  Showing at Printemps from April 2nd to June 2nd, Cuisine Francaise Bijoux had a few things that stopped me in my tracks.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Metals mixed with leather.  Multi-strand bracelets and necklaces.  T.A.S.S.E.L.S.  I had to stop, look, and purchase.  Modeled by my youngest, this is what is coming home.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
And, in case you want to see more details, from their website, in blue:
Image from
Since I'm not good at stacking bracelets at all (unlike Lisa, who is a pro at stacking), I need a little help.  The leather, 2 chains of gold metal, and tassels make this a great option for me this summer.  J'adore!

Printemps was definitely a hit in my book.  If you are traveling to Paris, make sure you stop to admire; I'll be adding it to my when-in-Paris-must-do list.  Maybe next time without the fam.  ~ JH

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shopping around Paris - Part 1.

After a morning at the Musee d'Orsay avec dear husband and dear children, I took a couple of hours alone on Tuesday to 'power shop' in Paris.  I had to arrange my thoughts, focus on what was important and the best use of my time.  I started in the neighborhood with which I am most familiar - the 6th arrondissement, around St. Germain.

I started on rue de Buci, and I hit a favorite of Lisa's and mine first - Comptoir des Cotonniers.  It's like Paris' version of J. Crew, but ten times more hip.  Great price-point.  They now have a couple of stores in New York, but there's nothing like being in Paris in one of them.  When Lisa and I travel to Paris together, we stop here first; how much we spend here sets the tone for the rest of the trip.  Either we hit it big and are eating baguettes for 5 days, or we can continue to shop.  Comptoir was showing a lot of cobalt blue in their windows...
Image from Jennifer Houston.
...which made me feel really good about the dress I purchased at Reiss a couple of weeks ago and have yet to wear.  This spring, they have a LOT of tribal prints going on, which, while not my go-to, seems to be a theme across Paris, and one we will have to watch for over the next year or 2.  Yes, I know, 'tribal' is 'huge' with the fashion mags each spring, but really, can tribal prints be popular year after year?  Should we invest it in?

Well, I succumbed.  At Comptoir.  This top fit me perfectly, was flattering, and wasn't crazy expensive, so I said to myself, 'What the heck?".  It's a black knit with 'saffron' embroidery.  Plan to pair it with skinny, cropped black pants, some bangles.  Thoughts?
Image from
I headed off to my next favorite store in the 'hood, Flamant.  While not fashion, it's a home furnishings store (out of Belgium), and a huge one at that.  Lots of different rooms, and great home accessories.  Found a birthday present for a friend, and several picture frames to extend our collection.  Just have to show you some photos from Flamant.  The store front, from Rue de Furstenberg, is lovely and understated.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
As soon as I enter, I'm tripping over decorative bird cages and wondering how I can pack one to take home...
Image from Jennifer Houston.
...and I'm going crazy over the dishware, glassware (although Lisa and I both have the tavern glassware we miraculously packed on our last trip), and bath goods.

Images from Jennifer Houston.
After limiting myself to the gift and 3 picture frames at Flamant, I am off to a great wine store, to purchase some 'souvenirs'.  It's the cutest store, with an English-speaking owner, which makes all the difference in the world when trying to decide what to bring home from La Derniere Goutte on rue de Bourbon Le Chateau.  They had a great Sancerre in white (and one in red that was apparently amazing) that we need to bring home.  In bubble wrap. Which I packed, along with packing tape.  (That was a trick I learned from Lisa - thanks!)

Images from Jennifer Houston.
After this, I had to stop at our rented apartment to unload packages before proceeding to one of my favorite shopping streets, rue de St. Suplice.  There are SO many fabulous boutiques on this one stretch, it can take hours to go 2 blocks.  

I started at Maje, and was interested to see a lot of lace (see dress on far left of window, but in tops as well as skirts), lots of navy, a wall of orange (ranging from tangerine to full-on-red) and a sprinking of jewel green (see pants on far right of window).
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Following Maje, I hit Vanessa Bruno.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Best known for her sequined tote bags (which you can get in Boston at dress boston, just FYI),
Image from
she has great handbags as well as clothes - both Vanessa Bruno and her lower priced line upstairs, Athe Vanessa Bruno.  I scored a fabulous black sueded leather clutch a few years ago (with tassels!  I love tassels!), but didn't really score this trip.  She did show a ton of cute leather jackets, also a hot trend on the streets of Paris this spring.  Loved this white one.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Down from Vanessa Bruno is Claudie Pierlot.  Lisa introduced me to Claudie Pierlot years ago, and there are definitely wearable, fun things inside.  Lots of navys, with that orange-to-red color scheme going on.  It's good to know that Parisians are investing in navy and orange too.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
While I didn't go into Cotelac (there's a Cotelac on Newbury Street in Boston; I don't like to spend time on places that I can visit at home), I wanted to show you that they too were showing a cobalt blue in their windows, just like Comptoir.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
I next headed up rue Bonaparte to a pharmacy in search of products that Gwyneth Paltrow highlighted in her blog post about the best products in French pharmacies.  It was a fun hunt, and I purchased 3 or 4 things that Lisa and I were wanting to try.

After the pharmacy, I headed over to rue du Four, in search of rue Dragon.  Years ago, dear husband gave me an amazing gift - an afternoon with an English-speaking, personal shopper in Paris.  It was heaven.  What dear husband did not realize was that there would be years of shopping as a result of this gift.  The shopper introduced me to rue Dragon as the 'accessories street'.  There were loads of stores with all kinds of accessories, from jewelry to shoes.  You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that there were only 2 jewelry stores left, a couple of shoe stores, and the rest had been replaced by children's stores - clothing and shoes.  Such a bummer.

I did venture into the jewelry stores - mon dieu the amount of tribal jewelry!  Clearly, tribal is in more than I had thought.

Well, I have to say that a disappointing rue Dragon kind of took the wind out of my sails.  I puttered around a little on rue de Grenelle (the shoe street!), but was uninspired.  Time was ticking to dinner, so I headed back to rejoin the fam.  My takeaways from these few hours were:
  • Navy is still hot for spring.
  • Play with a little color from light orange to flaming red in your wardrobe.
  • Add a little tribal print or jewelry to your closet.
  • Keep an eye out for spring-weight leather jackets.
Hope to escape to the rive droite in the next day or 2 to check out Printemps, another huge Paris department store.  Haven't been there in over 10 years, and Lisa was wow-ed by it last spring.  Bonsoir! ~ JH

Monday, April 16, 2012

...Paris is a little chilly.

Day 4, and Paris has been unseasonably cool.  Like high-of-50 degrees cool.  Not the spring-like weather I expected or packed for.  So, while on route to Luxembourg Gardens from the Vavin metro stop, what better excuse to take a moment and stop at Eric Bompard?  Send dear husband ahead with dear children to the Luxembourg Gardens playground, and take a moment in the land of all things cashmere.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Lisa and I first read about Eric Bompard in Parisian Chic, by Ines de la Fressange, and Lisa was in-the-know last year when she visited Paris, picking up this navy v-neck sweater that I've coveted ever since.  
Image from
I went into Eric Bompard with an open mind, trying on several different styles of sweaters.  I'm guessing they had about 30+ styles of cashmere sweaters, both 100% cashmere, and part cashmere/part silk sweaters.  Good news, they have every color under the sun.  Bad news, no retail post in the United States yet.  Definitely a 'purchase while in Paris' item.

This batwing pullover looked chic, but was a bit short in the body length.
Image from
This one I LOVED, the zip-back crew neck, but the fit was tough on me.  I was thinking of it with leather leggings or skinny, cropped black pants with a pendant necklace or scarf accessory. (This is the view of the back.)
Image from
When all was said and done, I settled on 2 of the classic v-neck pullovers, wearing the "liege" colored one tonight to dinner, with leather leggings, black scarf, Hermes bangle, and Jimmy Choo snake-skin pumps.  Tres classique!
Image from (Liege colored, classic v-neck.)
And, all apologies to Lisa, but it seems I'll have to employ our rules for when friends have the same piece of clothing.  I couldn't leave the navy one behind.  Lisa, you have dibs!  ~ JH

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paris on foot.

Bonjour readers!  Paris is heaven and I'm resting my feet after 2 straight days of walking.  So while my feet are up, I thought I'd share what I've seen on Parisian women's feet.  Outside of ballet flats and riding boots, there are a couple of distinct trends happening.

First, the wedge.  Closed toe, preferably in a suede...since I'd been obsessed with a neutral wedge, these caught my eye immediately!  I am NO Sartorialist, but I tried my best with my iPhone 4S, to capture what I have seen.  These were spotted in Luxembourg Gardens.
And  these were spotted on the street...
I'm still kicking myself for not being fast enough to photograph a pair of salmon-colored, suede wedges that were paired with jeans.  They were divine!  Suede is huge right now, in all colors!

Next trend in footwear is the flat bootie.  They are everywhere.  In the stores, on feet, on teenagers and older ladies alike.  With skinny jeans, skirts, leggings.  Everywhere.  Here is a pair spotted while waiting in the Odeon metro stop...
And these were spotted in Bon Marche - the most amazing department store.  I loved the tassel in the back.  The wearer had skinny jeans on with them and was just elegant.
And these were in Bon Marche's shoe department.  While I didn't try them on, I might have to go back and check them out again.  Love the stone colored ones on the right.
These too were in Bon Marche...there were too many to see!
What do you think?   Should I take the plunge and invest in a low bootie?  Will they be popular in the US in a year or 2?   Quite frankly, I think they will be around for a while; Lisa has a pair from last year, and they are another great option for your skinny jeans.  Perfect option for moms running about town.  Another shoe in between boots and ballet flats.  I think I'm on the hunt...

That's all for now.  Back to vacation, and contemplating the steak frites that I'll be having for dinner. À bientôt! ~ JH
Images from Jennifer Houston.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 are at Disney World.

A friend and her family are heading to Disney World for the first time this April vacation and asked me what a more 'fashionable' person would wear while there.  Think about what you will be doing:  walking for miles, standing in lines, riding on rides.  For me, it starts with the shoes and you go from there.

You might first think about sandals.  I'm not sure I would go there.  You see, I get a little squeamish thinking about having open shoes in that kind of environment - on the rides and waiting on line, etc.  I prefer a more closed shoe in environments like that.  The second thought is sneakers.   But, not a running shoe.  Can we make them a little fashionable?  A little sporty?  I love the look of these Tretorns for a trip like this...with a sport sock that you really can't see, protecting your toes from blisters.
Image from
Or, honestly, what's cuter than this Prada sneaker?
Image from
Usually, I'm not a fan of shorts in warm weather - I like skirts and dresses in the summer.  But, in Disney, you don't know what you'll be sitting on and rides might just blow up a skirt, so shorts are the option here.  If I have to wear shorts, I'm a huge fan of G1 shorts; I was first introduced to them at my favorite boutique in Kennebunkport, ME, The Green Tangerine, and now, I have seen them (this week!) at Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill (but strangely, not online).  They are not inexpensive ($80-110 a pair), but the fit is great (no gapping in the small of your back), they have a mid-rise, and they don't stretch out.  They come in a ton of colors, and wear like iron.
Image from
I'm also a fan of J. Crew's shorts - online they have all different inseams (3", 4", 5", 7", and 9" - and you can roll up the longer lengths to your perfect length), so pick an inseam that you like, and stick with it.    The 7" ones are a good length for me and come in at least 10 colors.  I recommend a white, navy, stone, and a pop of color, like 'ornament orange'.
Image from
Onto tops.  I'm always in search of the non-t-shirt-t-shirt.  I define this as a top you would wear like you would a t-shirt, except it's not a t-shirt.  Something different, a little more fashionable.  I usually head to Calypso for tops like this.  Their Skylar Habotai shirt is tough to type and pronounce, but how cute would this be over white or orange shorts?
Image from
This peasant top would be cute too over navy or orange shorts.  Lightweight and fun!
Image from
You definitely need a purse that you feel you can 'wipe off'.  Put your Louis Vuitton away, and reach for a nylon, Longchamp La Pliage bag.  Either over the shoulder, or the cute back-pack, it's a fashionable and sensible choice.  Pick a fun color to give a pop of color to your outfits, like this orange one:
Image from
Sunglasses are essential too, and I love aviators!  I am seriously wanting these Tom Ford aviators...
Image from
...but am settling for these Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators, at $98.
Image from
Top off your outfit with some fun, stacked bracelets, and you are ready for Mickey.  Or Minny.  Or the Princesses.

Finally, I put together a little Polyvore outfit set for those of you headed to Mouse-land...just a little more fashionable than the family with matching tie-dyed t-shirts.  Not that there's anything wrong with that. ~ JH

Update - 3.26.2014 - See our new posts on what to wear during the day at Disney and evening at Disney!

What 2 Wear are at Disney

Calypso St Barth long top
$150 -

J.Crew chino shorts
$45 -

Prada shoes
$350 -

Longchamp travel tote bag
$145 -

Chan Luu beach jewelry
$190 -

Ray-Ban ray ban shades
£138 -