Friday, January 20, 2012

...winter brings on static cling.

I had an event to attend last night, benefiting our town's library.  I chose to wear a Jay Godfrey dress that I've had in my closet, but only wore a few times over the 3 years I've owned it.  Why?  G** da** static cling.

The dress is pure silk, and lovely at that.  Very different.  Black and white with smocked neckline.  My former personal shopper at Nordstrom paired it with a black belt, featuring a poi de soie flower.  Opaque tights.  Prada stacked-heel pumps.  All is good, except the g** da** static cling!

I spent Wednesday doing a little internet research on static cling.  The common comment was 'Static Guard'.  I couldn't possibly carry an aerosol can of 'Static Guard' in my clutch (Jalda, emerald green snake-skin, by the way).  I was looking for other options.

And I think I found one.  After reading a bunch of posts talking about running a metal hanger up and down your garment, one site discussed pinning safety pins in the hem of your dress/pants/skirt/etc.  Apparently, the metal takes away the static cling.

What an idea!  If metal takes out the static, maybe this is an all-night-long solution!  Off to CVS to purchase a safety pin sampler.  Pinned smaller pins in the hem of my dress.  (Disclaimer: did liberally spray dress with Static Guard, followed by liberal application of 'Nuit de Cellophane' perfume by Serge Lutens to cover the smell.)

At the event, after my coat was on and off, a trip to powder my nose, and numerous ups-and-downs at our table, my dress still had NO static cling.  Amazing.  I'd love to hear comments if this works or doesn't work for you.  Please post if you've tried this. ~ JH

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