Sunday, January 29, 2012 are going to the neighborhood progressive dinner.

I know, total suburbanite post.  Last night was our neighborhood's progressive dinner.  Dozens upon dozens of neighbors, many hosts, all around fun.  Since I have been skiing for the past 4 weekends straight and then a little under the weather this week, I was dying to use this as an opportunity to 'dress up' and put some heels on.

I thought I'd be overdressed in my M Missoni knit dress (similar below)...
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but found I was in good company!  Lots of dresses were worn!  Maybe everyone is seeking an alternative to the traditional black pants-silk blouse-heels dinner look.  Some paired their dresses with opaque tights and heels, others with heeled boots.  Some favorite looks of the evening:

More knit dresses!  I saw several, and really liked them all.  The Tory Burch Kent Dress was spotted at the dessert course - easy to wear, with heels or boots.

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I also spotted saw some wrap dresses paired with heels.  It's always great to have a classic, DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) wrap dress in your closet to wear to dinner, cocktails, any event really.  You can dress it up or keep it low key.

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And for those who kept it simple with black pants, they came up with some fabulous necklaces and statement pieces to keep their looks unique and interesting.  Necklaces like these were seen all through the night.
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A very festive night all around! ~ JH


  1. Please explain "Progressive Dinner" to hipsters everywhere. Love the Missoni and couldn't agree more about the DVF for dinner parties everywhere. My CPU on my fav. DVF is about $5 but you would know that because you have seen me in it whenever I can't think of something else to wear. Thanks for a great post. Keep up the good blogging!

    1. Thanks for your comment EBB! A "Progressive Dinner", as defined by, is a dinner party in which each successive course is prepared and eaten at the residence of a different participant. In our neighborhood, there are around 200 participants each year, working their way from many appetizer houses, to one of many homes serving soup/salad, then dinner course, ending with everyone at the same home for dessert. Quite a tradition in our 'hood.