Monday, January 30, 2012 are meeting friends, after work, for dinner in the city.

I just had a call from a friend this morning who asked me this very question.  It's the "after work" part that's tricky, at least for me.  The friends who work are in "work uniform", makeup on, hair done, and, since I stay at home, I'm just trying to get dinner on the table for my girls before the sitter arrives.  I'm left with 5 minutes to pull it together and head out the door.

So, I try to keep 2-3 outfits, per season, that I can "go to", pull out, and feel good about myself and what I'm wearing. Oh, and put on in 5 minutes.  These are my winter thoughts.

Outfit #1 - Silk blouse, black pants, heels, clutch

I know, it sounds boring.  But it can be fun!  DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) has some great wrap blouses, silk blouses, etc.  Years ago, in a small boutique that has since closed, I purchased a silk blouse by By Malene Birger for an unheard-of-at-the-time-in-my-budget $345.  It was a tough purchase at the time but, I have worn that thing to DEATH, and still love it every time I wear it.  And still get compliments.  That's what you want to invest in!

Here are some pieces I love for this look:

This DVF blouse can be used with black pants, winter white pants, jeans even.  Lots of uses for this investment.  Can be a fall-winter-spring item in your closet.
Photo from
This silk blouse from Scoop NYC (store now open in Boston on Newbury Street!) has great button detail, and would transition well from black pants to white bottoms in the spring.
Photo from
As for black pants, I happen to love 2 pairs I own.  One from Nordstrom, their own Classique Entier brand.  Basic, they have them every season, and their white pair in the summer is a stable in my wardrobe.
Photo from
The other pair I own I purchased from a Worth show.  The Worth line of clothing, both Worth and W by Worth, are sold out of representatives homes.  10 years ago, I used to help a friend with her W by Worth (then called Worthwear) business, and, disclaimer, a very good friend sells the line now.  I purchased my black "techo-gab" pants from a show last year, and have worn them to DEATH also.  It helped that I picked them up at one of their annual 'sample sales' as I'm not sure I would have made the investment otherwise.  I'm attending the Spring 2012 show next week and will report my findings.

Anyway, a neat pair of pumps, cute clutch (try oversized!), and you'll look fresh as you fight traffic on the Mass Pike.

Outfit #2 - Not-quite-cocktail-dress

When you want a little different, try a dress.  Nothing fancy or expensive, but a cute dress to throw on with opaque tights (Spanx!), a heeled boot, and you are ready go.  For this, I like a knit dress (I know, back to the knit dress, but tis the season!).  This one from J. Crew (under $200)  is reminiscent of one in my closet, that is now paying me to wear it.
Photo from J. Crew
I like how they've styled it with leopard clutch and neutral pumps, but you can also belt it, put a big necklace on, wear tights & boots.  Throw a scarf on.  So many ways to wear this basic.

Outfit #3 - Urban Upgrade

And then maybe you want to feel a little edgy.  Throw a blazer on over skinny pants with a blouse underneath.  Pumps.  Big Cocktail ring.  Something like this Rachel Zoe jacket:
Photo from
(I actually love the blouse too.)  Over a skinnier black pant - like these from W by Worth.
Photo from
Maybe, if you aren't sporting a cheetah print blouse, a cheetah heel!  Or some animal print heel.  One of these would be fab.  The first is from Nine West, and is a low $69!
Photo from
And what about these?  I own a pair of snakeskin pumps, and they have become a go-to-shoe in my closet.  These are by Kate Spade.
Photo from
You can see that owning a few key pieces can take you out in 5 minutes to meet your working-girl friends.  You will get many years of use, I can promise that.  

Now, if we could just figure out how to not MAKE dinner for the kids, when we are GOING OUT to dinner ourselves. ~ JH

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