Wednesday, January 11, 2012 want cool new eyeglasses.

My obsession with style extends to eyeglasses. Just ask my husband about our honeymoon in Italy and the 52 eyeglass shops I dragged him into to find a perfect pair and watch his eyes roll.

So imagine my glee when I discovered Warby Parker.  Very cool, geek-chic frames for prescription glasses priced mostly at $95.  That's right, $95!  How about channeling my inner schoolmarm in Preston in Sandalwood ?
or ratcheting up the cool factor in Owen in Striped Chestnut ?
or matching Filmore in Hazelwood to my hair?
There's always 1950s geek-chic Winston in Lunar Fade?
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Oh, there are so many good ones to choose from!  Warby Parker knows this, so they let you try before you buy.   If you're not sure, upload a photo and "try-on" frames right on your screen.  Or select 5 pairs to play with in the comfort of your home and own mirror.

Learn more about Warby Parker and how New Yorkers are lining up to try and buy in this New York Times article. ~ LB

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  1. The Lunar Fade looks fantastic. That aside, I wish I can get myself a new glasses, since this one I'm wearing is showing signs that I should replace them.