Monday, January 16, 2012

Between ballet flats & riding boots.

For years, I have searched for 'sensible' winter shoes.  Not practical, but sensible.  I am a ballet-flat-to-boot kind of girl.  There is really no in-between in my closet.  A 'sensible' winter shoe for me meant that I:
  • would like to be able to wear socks,
  • don't really want to have to tuck in my jeans/pants to wear,
  • can maybe slosh around in a little inclement weather, AND
  • would still like to look fashionable.
That's a tall order, right?  Until now.

I was in Nordstrom in December (of course) and peeked over, for the thousandth time, at the Aquatalia boots (a brand of waterproof, sometimes very stylish, winter boots).  Nothing.  Too old-ladyish.  Didn't need riding boots (violates the no tuck-in rule).  

I turned to walk away, and saw, out of the corner of my eye, these:
Photo from

A La Canadienne bootie.  Waterproof.  Oiled Italian suede.  3 1/2" heel height.  They were SOOOOO comfortable.  They look great under jeans (AG Ballad Jeans have the narrow leg with slight boot cut bottom) and make an all around attractive winter shoe option.  So happy to bridge the gap between ballet flats and riding boots! ~ JH

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