Tuesday, March 18, 2014

W2WW News Flash - Crazy sale at J.Crew!

Even though Lisa and I are fine with paying full retail, what we really love is a great deal.  And boy, does J.Crew have one right now, in stores.  I popped into the J.Crew at Legacy Place this morning to be pleasantly surprised that everything (excluding denim) in the store was 25% off.  And if the item was on sale already, it was 20% off AND THEN an additional 25% off.  CRAZY.  I talked to a salesperson, who said that the sale items are final sale and that the sale will go through March 27th.  

For example, I picked up this scarf.  Retail priced at $55.  25% off made it $41.25.  Excellent!
Image from Jennifer Houston.
I had originally gone into J.Crew for a present, but remembered I needed a light-weight, black sweater too.  I combed through the sale section, and found this.
Image from jcrew.com.
Plain and simple, light merino wool - just what I needed.  The original retail price is $79.50.  It was already on sale for $59.99.  20% off the final sale brought it to $47.99, and the additional 25% off brought it down to $35.99.  Excellent!

Oh, and I did pick up the present, but I can't discuss it, because it's for a friend who is a reader.  He-he-he.  Get to a J.Crew this week (maybe say 'hi' to Sylvia in the Natick, MA store!)! ~ JH

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