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Kendra's Challenge Part 2 - What to Wear during the Day at Disney

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Alice in Wonderland clearly liked her options.  The days and nights at Disney are fun-filled and can require quite a few wardrobe changes.  If you recall from our "Kendra's Challenge Part 1" postKendra Thornton, a travel industry publicist and spokeswoman, reached out to us last week with a question!  Entitled "Kendra's Fashion Challenge", Kendra is challenging fashion bloggers to help her with her wardrobe on an upcoming trip to Epcot Center at Disney in Orlando.

"...I am asking some of my favorite bloggers for fashion help! This contest is called “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge.” I knew that bloggers such as Lisa and Jen could help me find the right styles, trends and colors that would enhance my personal look! They will be assisting me with a fashion wardrobe in order to look great for my upcoming vacation."

And Jen and I are happy to help out.   Kendra, when you wake up from your night on the town, here are a few tips on daywear at Disney.

I put together a few pieces that mix and match so you have lots of outfit options...and more room in your suitcase for all the "mouse ear" souvenirs!  A couple of guidelines for your 'day at Disney':

1.  Stick with shorts.  You're going to be climbing, whirling, spinning, and splashing. This is no time for a skirt! I like orange and classic stripes that are hot right now. They are basic, yet punchy, and pair easily with tops galore...from a white tee to a gauzy floral blouse.  

2.  Keep a cardigan and scarf in your bag.  Think lightweight.   Easy to grab when you hit the AC.

3.  I love this white packable windbreaker from the Ines de la Fressange collection from Uniqlo (see below!).  It packs down to the size of a pocket size tissue pack and is handy for a sudden shower or blast of AC.

4.  Hands free baby!  Get yourself a stylish backpack for all the stuff you'll need to carry for the rest of the family in addition to your own.   There are so many fun styles and colors that not only look smashingly cool but are blissfully functional.  

5. To keep your feet happy, go with a fabulous pair of canvas sneakers.   Tory Burch, Superga and Old Navy have some great choices.  Go solid or funky.

6.  Save the long necklaces and big earrings for evening wear.  A short choker necklace and stack of colorful bracelets look pretty and won't get in the way when you're navigating the rides around the park.

7.   A jaunty straw hat is breathable and will keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your hair (if you color) from sun bleaching.  And sunglasses are a must in sunny Florida!

Bon voyage Kendra!  Hope we helped with your fashion dilemmas! ~ LB

W2WW - Daywear at Disney

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