Sunday, March 23, 2014

Purse envy.

As I think I've mentioned before, I take my handbags pretty seriously.  I take my time, do research, and stalk them like prey in the store before actually pulling the trigger and purchasing.  While some of them have been love-at-first-sight, it's rare that a purse takes my breath away.  

But last night, that's just what happened.  The perfect, cross-body, convertible-to-clutch purse walked in my front door.  On a friend's shoulder.  I don't even think I said 'hi' to her.  I went straight for the purse.  Here it is, in all it's perfection, the Gucci Soho Chain Shoulder Bag.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Ironically, I had admired this bag on another friend a few weeks ago.  This friend has it in black and wore it to an event in Boston.
Image from
I fawned over it, told her I loved it, and even looked at it online.  Filed it away in that part of my brain.  But when that neutral, python, TASSELED bag walked in last night, I had to play with it.  It's a cross body - you can tuck the chain in and make it a clutch.  You can remove the tassel, but really, why on earth would you.  You can cross the chain under the flap and make it a shoulder bag.  Truly, it's heaven.  Kudos to the friend who purchased it.  I'm jealous. ~ JH

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