Wednesday, March 5, 2014

…it's Spring 2014: the Blue Oxford Shirt

Yes, it sounds so plain and easy, and it's just that!  I kind of became a little obsessed with finding a perfect one for spring.  Easy to wear and easily accessorized!  And I knew I was onto something when I read in Bazaar that it was one of the 10 Key Pieces for Spring.

I satisfied my obsession at my Saks appointment with a Boy Band of Outsiders oxford.  Yes, it looks PLAIN AND DULL in this photo.
Image from
But roll up the sleeves, do a "half-tuck" (tuck the front of the shirt in your pants and leave the back out, add a tank top and unbutton the front to the tank, and it's a whole different look!  Check out these images for inspiration!
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I totally plan to wear mine with white jeans, white cords, jeans, black cropped pants, black waxed jeans (did you get those black waxed jeans from Madewell? - just add a blue oxford shirt and ballet flats!).  Add a tank when it's cooler or a scarf, stack some bracelets.  Feeling it?! ~ JH

W2WW Blue Oxford Shirt

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