Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kendra's Challenge Part 1 - What to Wear during the Evening at Disney

Last week, Kendra Thornton, a travel industry publicist and spokeswoman, reached out to us with a question!  Entitled "Kendra's Fashion Challenge", Kendra is challenging fashion bloggers to help her with her wardrobe on an upcoming trip:

"I am absolutely ecstatic to visit Epcot theme park in Orlando with my family this spring! The only aspect I am not very thrilled with is my wardrobe. I am asking some of my favorite bloggers for fashion help! This contest is called “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge.” I knew that bloggers such as Lisa and Jen could help me find the right styles, trends and colors that would enhance my personal look! They will be assisting me with a fashion wardrobe in order to look great for my upcoming vacation."
You all know that Lisa and I love a challenge so here we go!  I'll be tackling 'evening' in this post while Lisa will be tackling 'day' in the next one.  Here are some thoughts from Kendra:

"I am really looking forward to having some outfits that will enhance my Epcot experience, whether I am visiting the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium, swimming with my children in a hotel pool or having a romantic dinner with my husband. Whatever the experience is, it is important that I look fantastic for it. With help from my wonderful bloggers, I will truly look the part. Orlando, here I come."

Fortunately, I have been to Disney and Epcot in Orlando and a few logistical things pop into my mind when it comes to evening:

1.  You will be walking.  Even in the evening.  To the monorail, to the restaurant, to the fireworks.  So much to see and do.

2.  It will be warm outside but air-conditioned in restaurants.  

So, what's a girl to do?!  Start with footwear - and I highly recommend wedges - either espadrilles or sandals for evening.  I LOVE wearing heels at night, and wedges are the comfortable option for this trip.  Try to pick one fabulous, neutral pair for easy packing. Wedges are everywhere and will make their way into your everyday wardrobe when you are home too. 

For the outfit, go with one of 2 'uniforms' - white, skinny pants and a bright silk top OR tunic-type or sleeved dress.  The pants uniform is easy - pack a couple of fun tops and statement necklaces to mix and match.  The dress uniform is pretty easy too - think of these things when picking out a dress for evening:

  • Stay clear of a maxi dress as I find it swirls around your legs while walking, and you could be walking a good distance (from Epcot to monorail to Magic Kingdom for fireworks).  Personally, it annoys me to have a dress swirling around my legs even through I love maxi dresses. 
  • Think of a short-sleeve instead of sleeveless - the air-conditioning is pumping at Disney and I get freezing in that environment.
  • Choose a material that packs well, or be ready to get your iron out. 
  • Honestly, I think a cocktail dress is too much.  Yes, Victoria and Alberts in the Grand Floridian requires sports coats for men; if you are dining there, think of the dress uniform.  Otherwise, these outfit choices should carry you through.
Time to put away your day tote bag or backpack and break out a cute clutch!  Maybe a cross-body bag to keep you hands-free while enjoying the sights.

Check out the Polyvore set I created with some inspirational outfits!  Kendra, I hope this helps you with your packing!  Have a fabulous trip! ~ JH

W2WW - Dining at Disney

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