Friday, March 14, 2014

…attending a reception for the Democratic Governors Association National meeting?

Yes, dear readers, this is an actual question send by a faithful reader in Montana.  So why not answer?!  She asked:

"What do you wear to a Saturday night reception at Big Sky Ski Resort Montana when you're invited to the Democratic Governors Association meeting? Après ski? Western wear? Cocktail attire? Dress jeans? Sorrels or heels??? Fur? Black turtleneck w suede skirt- or is that too 80's?  I'm assuming lots of non-Montanans will be there as it's a national event. Help!"

Well, the first thing I like to do in completely unknown situations is to Google the event to see if there are photographs from the prior year's event.  It looks like the DGA event (see, already have the lingo down) is a ski weekend in Big Sky, from March 21-23.  The receptions are being held in the Huntely Lodge at Big Sky and the Yellowstone Club.  That's all I can find…so let's look at the venues to see if we can gather any clues.

The Huntely Lodge is a hotel within the resort with meeting rooms.  Basically, a ski resort reception facility.  The Yellowstone Club looks to be a private ski community.  Fancy.  

That's all I can gather about the event.  So, here's what my gut tells me.  In a word - 'Gorsuch'.  Upscale apres ski.  My thoughts are:    

Skip: jeans, western wear, cocktail dress, Sorrel boots, skiwear.
Do:  fur, trousers, suede, skirt, jewelry, silk blouse.

Since Gorsuch's online site is currently showing beachwear, I went to Pinterest to see what I could find.  Check these images out:
Images from
Since it's a late March date, I'd think about a silk blouse layered under a vest.  Booties rather than tall boots.  Reader, I like the suede skirt - maybe tuck in a silk blouse?! with tights and booties?  And a clutch with bangles?  Check out the Polyvore set below for more ideas.  Good luck! ~ JH

Update:  Since writing this post less than 24 hours ago, our dear reader emailed this morning with an update - turns out I was off, what's a girl to do?!  I think she'd still rock it in one of these outfits. ~ JH

"Ha!  You're off the hook, as am I. just got the dress code. How's this for funny! I'm all set! Thanks!

Dress Code: The dress code for the weekend will be Cowboy Casual.  Jeans, boots, and sweaters are appropriate, and remember to pack necessary outdoor gear.  While our Breakfast and Policy Panel session tend to be more formal, please do not feel required to wear a suit."

W2WW Dressy Apres Ski

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