Sunday, June 9, 2013

Text Conversation #2

Since our first replayed text conversation was well received, we thought we'd share another one.  This one, about shoes.

Scene - Lazy Saturday.  Jen still in pajamas and robe.  12:03pm.  Lisa texts Jen a picture.
Lisa:  'Thoughts?  Rachel Zoe.  Insanely comfy but not sure if too horsey.  Can see with white.  Commuting too.'

Jen: 'Really like.  They are a little more material than I'm used to seeing on you, but I likey.'

Lisa: 'Yeah, me too.  That's what the concern is.  But they are easy to walk in.'

Jen: 'How much were they?  On sale?  Full price?'
Lisa: 'Unlike these which are just cute. Tory.  Need another pair of espadrilles.  These or the navy ones from J.Crew? 150 for Zoe. 130 for Tory.'

Jen: 'Honestly, I think the navy J.Crew is better for what you want to wear them with.  Keep the Zoe at 150.  I like them!'
Lisa: 'Oh, and I got these wedges and just adore.  These are out of the holding area.'

Pause in conversation to share our definition of 'holding area' with you:  If Lisa or I purchase something we aren't sure about, we each have a corner in our bedroom/closet we call the 'holding area'.  Either an item eventually comes out of the holding area in and into rotation OR that item is returned.  Items that go directly into rotation are no-brainers and loved.  Items that go straight to the holding area need more consideration.  Clearly, these shoes are out of the holding area and into the closet for keeps.  Back to conversation.

Jen: 'You have been holding out on me!  Where are all of these from?!'

Lisa: 'Agreed.  Thank god you are available for consult.  The holding area is all backed up.  I've been cyber shopping.'

Jen: 'Where? Nords?  Neimans?  I guess you skipped the science museum (where her family was heading this afternoon) in favor of sorting through the holding area.'
Lisa: 'Nord. NM. Saks. Crew.  Bad girl.  Yes, skipped trip.  Much better for my karma.'

Jen: 'Holy cow.  What else is in there?'

Silence.  I think she might be buried under a pile of shoes.  ~ JH

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