Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hat Attack!

While I was unpacking last year's beach bag to get ready for this summer, I found my old, Kate Spade cotton beach hat.  In the bag, from last summer.  Yuck.  While I know it will make it through the laundry, I thought I should just update my beach hat.  Time for a little evening cyber shopping on

I was amazed at the number of hats they carried online.  There were only a dozen or so styles in the accessories section at the Natick Nordstrom.  Current count online?  170 hats.  Nuts.

I knew I wanted a neutral color to go with navy, black, jewel-toned bathing suits, and I wanted a nice sized brim - not too big but not too small.  Made of cotton.  Brim has to be bendable so I can lean back in my beach chair while reading.  Ok, that might be a fantasy with 2 active girls to watch, but a girl can dream, right?!

I found myself drawn to the Helen Kaminski brand of hats.  Helen Kaminski is an Australian brand and producer of headwear.  Love the simple design with quality materials. While there were raffia hats, there were great cotton ones too.  I ordered this 'Istria' canvas sun hat in ivory (this is the 'driftwood' color, but the ivory blended into the background color too much).  You can adjust the drawstring at the crown of the hat for a perfect fit).  Sold.  I love it.
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But, while wandering through the many hat offerings, I had this inexplicable urge to try a fedora.  I really 'fell-in-like' with this one by Flora Bella, and before I knew it, it was in my shopping cart.  And then on my doorstep.  Oops.  
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I wore it this week when I chaperoned a school field trip and kind of love it.  Where else will I wear it?!  To the grocery, to watch kids' sporting events, shopping, anywhere really.  What will I wear it with?  Anything, from shorts and a t-shirt to a maxi dress with flip flops.  It makes that plain t-shirt and shorts just a little more chic.  A friend DID tease me about it ("Are you a Brooklyn hipster now?"), but I think it'll be a great summer accessory to have.  And, I must have been onto something because this hat is now SOLD OUT on  Can't even give you a link to it.  Boo.  

And that got me researching even more.  What other cool summer hats are out there?  How are people wearing them?  Do I need another?  (Just kidding...kind of.)

Check the Polyvore set I put together to show off some summer hats and how some are styled. ~ JH

W2WW Hat Attack
Bop Basics fedora hat / Bop Basics / Helene Berman band hat / Helen Kaminski canvas hat / Nordstrom straw fedora hat / Helen Kaminski fedora hat / Tarnish fedora hat / Eric Javits sun hat / Eugenia Kim sun hat / Nordstrom band hat / J.Crew straw hat / Eric Javits fedora hat / Flora Bella brimmed hat / Helen Kaminski Zindira hat 

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