Tuesday, April 30, 2013

...more about Paris later.

A funny conversation happened today between Lisa and I.  It's this kind of exchange that led us to start this blog, and I can't think of a better way to get our heads back into the blog than to share it with you for a good giggle.

Scene:  Jen in Nordstrom, Natick Mall.  Lisa at work.  12:12pm.  Lots of texting.

J: "Question: do I get a Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull bag (that's the lighter, checked LV logo) or hold out for taupe, Hermes Garden Party bag?  Champagne problems.  Or a white Goyard."
Louis Vuitton Neverfull - Image from pixelsthoughsandwords.com.
Hermes Garden Party bag - Image from polyvore.com.
Goyard Tote - Image from iposhmoda.com.
L: "You don't strike me as an LV girl.  White Goyard....purrr.  Garden party is lovely.  Will you be comfortable putting it down on the grass/sand/cocktail-filled table at the Ramp (my summer 'kitchen')."

J: "Why yes, that's exactly where it's going."

L: "I live for these kinds of dilemmas....Don't do LV."

J: "I hear u, but was tempted in the mall.  Plus, it's easy.  Hummm.  Thinking hard.  Might have to visit Goyard.  Doing recon.  Neimans having a good sale.  Got Tory (as in Tory Burch) white cropped pants for $64.  Not that I needed them (more white pants)."
Tory Burch Cropped Pant - Image from toryburch.com.
L: "Does Isabel Marant make bags?  Her new line went up in the window the day before we left (Paris) and it was stunning."

J: "Having purse dilemma.  Hummmm. Will research.  (Dear husband) putting pressure on me to pick birthday gift.  Also, have my Vanessa Bruno (tote purchased in Paris) which would b perfect for Ramp."

L: (Referring to the Tory Burch Pants) "Oh you stinker.  Did they have other sizes?  I could always use a good pair of white cropped."

J: "I think they had a 28 in the white cropped."

L: (Back to purses) "I saw this darling bag on a couple of women in Paris.  Leather, with the big zipper and 2 luscious tassles hanging off.  Don't know the maker." (Back to pants) "I could use a 28.  Will call my friend Deb at NM."

J: (Referring to purse) "I think I saw one.  Can't recall maker." (Referring to pants) "Want me to sneak back to Neimans and get them?"

L: "Yes, if u have time.  Thx."

J: "Grabbing salad.  Will head down after."

L: Texted lots of hearts.

L: (Back to purse conversation) "Chanel bag perhaps?  Has nothing to do with summer.  Just sayin."

J: "Looked at those.  A little dressy.  Want something more casual.  Looked at some Pradas too.  Meh.  Should have gone to Apres Midi du Chien (a Parisian brand of bags). Damn it."

L: "Yeah..."

Scene: 1:06pm.  Neiman Marcus.

J: "At Neimans.  Someone has them on in the dressing room.  Am stalking them (not REALLY stalking).  Stay tuned."

L: "That's my girl!"

J: "Got them!  Hahaha.  I will warn you they might be big on you."

L: "I'll give them a try!  You are awesome.  I can swing by today btw 5-5:45."

J: "K.  I'll be home. Perfect."

Just like our blog states, we are: "Two friends, with hours of phone calls and dozens of emails about fashion, outfits, and attire..."  This is what we do and have done dozens of other times - we talk fashion and accessories.  We research, rationalize, and reason.  And that's what we'll continue to do. Welcome back. ~ JH

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  1. go for the dog-day afternoon bag!!! no one else will have it :)