Tuesday, June 4, 2013

...you love leather belts and bracelets.

As you know (or are about to know), there are certain things that drive Lisa and I crazy with excitement.  Tassels, great shoes, and great leather goods are at the top of the list.  I was just in a saddlery store today and found myself pawing some saddles.  Delicious, yummy leather.

You can imagine my delight, when, while surfing Facebook, I found this post from a friend:
Image from Jennifer Houston.
Stop the presses - what is that?!  A DIFFERENT belt?!  Very cool, no buckle, just wrapped leather.  Love, love, love.  So, being me, I clicked on the video to learn more.  You should too.  Click here.

Lombardi Leather (est. 2012) is a fledgling company and through the site Kickstarter.com, it is trying to raise funds to launch their product line.  Kickstarter is this:  It's a website full of projects that are launched with the direct support of founders/customers (you!).  Project creators set a fundraising goal and a deadline for that goal.  If you like a project, you can fund it money.  Click here to read more about the site.  Pretty cool, right?!

So, Lombardi Leather IS one of the projects on Kickstarter.  By 'pledging' a certain amount, you are actually shopping.  If Lombardi reaches their fundraising goal by the end of June, the item you purchased will be delivered in August.  If they don't make their goal, no pledge, no product.  Projects must reach their fundraising goal by the deadline to receive any funds.  Pretty easy, right?

Since I'm obsessed with the leather bracelets, I plan to head over to the Lomardi project page right after I'm done typing this.  For a $29 dollar pledge, one of these will be mine!

Images from kickstarter.com.
And which color should I order?!  Love that St. Barths Blue!
Image from kickstarter.com.
I'm pretty obsessed with the belts too, I'm not going to lie.  They are priced at a 'founder's rate" of $79.  If the project goes live, they will call you to help find the correct size of belt.  Custom belt!  Think of the belt through belt loops, over a wrap sweater in the winter, or cinching a longer blouse or tunic.  Yum!  Gorgeous!
Image from kickstarter.com.
Maybe I'll just pledge $100 and get BOTH the belt and bracelet.  

It's always a happy day when you find a new accessory and can help a small business. Click here to check it out! ~ JH

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