Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paris 2013 - What we bought.

Finally - almost 2 months late, but we really wanted to wrap up our Paris trip and show you what we got!  Don't get TOO excited.  Our shopping endeavors were not as successful as prior trips.  Still, we did have to each check an extra bag on the plane back home.  Just saying.  So what DID we pick up?

I finally bit the bullet and bought one of Vanessa Bruno's iconic tote bags.  Very L.L. Bean looking, but updated with sequin trim.  Mine is the canvas color below, but the sequins are silver.  Love it.  Great summer bag.  Oh, and guess what?!  Lisa got one too!
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I picked up this top at Comptoir des Cotonniers because I thought it would be a great transition top over skinny, cropped black pants and heels.  And yes, it looks great over that.  Love the grosgrain ribbon details.
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Speaking of Comptoir, Lisa picked up 2 dresses there that she thought would be useful for work yet fun.  What do you think?  The print dress is a no-brainer, while the white one was a lovely surprise.
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On day ONE, I HAD to swing by Eric Bompard to pick up another classic cashmere v-neck sweater.  This time, I chose a light, heather grey; if I wear it as much as I wear my navy and camel ones, it will be worth every penny.  I wear these to death in the transition seasons, with a tank top under and a scarf wrapped around my neck, over cords or jeans. I like to think of them as part of a 'uniform' that's easy to throw on and go.  But it's the quality of these sweaters that gives a polished look.  I will, in the future, try to pick one up each time I'm there.
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Onto shoes.  I'm having shopper's remorse on one item that I purchased in lieu of another that I REALLY wanted.  First, what I wanted.  I was in Printemps with Lisa and spied these gorgeous strappy heels by Francois Najar.  Hard to tell in the photo (that I took in the shoe department), but they are a shiny navy leather with a 'tortoise shell' detailed heel.  I can't even look at them right now because I love them so.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
It was our FIRST stop of the day, and I thought, well, they are REALLY expensive, so I'll come back if I love them.  The day went on, as did the week, and I kept thinking about these shoes.  On my last day in Paris, I found these shoes, the ones I eventually purchased, in Tara Jarmon.  

Images from Jennifer Houston.
Tara Jarmon is a Canadian-born, French designer who makes LOVELY clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Kate Middleton has been seen wearing her clothing.  (Lisa bought a beautiful knit sweater by Tara Jarmon, but we cannot find a picture of it anywhere for your viewing.)

Anyway, the shoes are similar in that they have this shiny but matte navy blue leather (a new trend?!), are heeled, and are strappy.  And these were many Euros less in price.  MANY.  Since it was the last afternoon and I was in the 6th arrondissement and Printemps is all the way up in the 9th, I decided that these would do.  WRONG!  Although I have worn them and do like them, they don't hold a candle to the Francois Najar heels.  Sigh...

Back to what we have versus what we should have had!  Lisa and I both hit the pharmacies HARD.  Lisa is hardcore and will set aside hours to wander through City Pharma on rue du Four.  From Lisa:

"I'm a lotion junkie and this Caudalie hand and nail cream is my latest addition.  The smell is divine and it disappears without leaving a greasy feel on hands.  J.Crew is selling this cream in store now so I know where to go when I run out.
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I get up early everyday and this Rene Furterer Dry Shampoo saves me from washing when I just don't feel like it or have the time.  Just spray on hair, rub lightly with a towel and voila!  No more stringy hair!  Look at these ingredients...rice and corn starch powders to absorb oil and impurities, clay and silica powders also to absorb oil and impurities, colored iron oxides which add color to powder for invisibility, and essential oils of caraway, basil and peppermint which clean and balance your hair.  Plus, it smells super with extracts of basil, mint, blackcurrant.
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I also stocked up on Klorane Dry Shampoo just for something different.
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Nuxe makes the most amazing products with incredible scents.  I tried this rose body lotion last time in Paris.  Now whenever I wear it I feel transported back to the city. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is legendary.  This dry oil, with a unique super-activated formula combining 30% precious plant oils and vitamin E, helps nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair in a single spray."
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If you think that Lisa's the only junkie, take a seat.  I too love the pharmacies in Paris, and my absolutely favorite product is hard to find in the U.S. and a fortune on  Bioderma Crealine H2O is the BEST makeup remover I've ever used.  Gentle and thorough at the same time.  Gets EVERYTHING off your face, including eye makeup, gently.  
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I found this product on Gwyneth Paltrow's list of favorite Parisian pharmacy items.  Not a Gwyneth fan, but fan of her product choices!  I've used it for years and get frustrated at the lack of supply.  And the prices.  Price on for a 500ml bottle?  Over $30.  Price in Paris?  On sale at City Pharma for 7 Euros.  Done and done.  And the baby 'travel size' that I paid, gulp, $18 for online?  On sale for 2.50 Euros.  I couldn't stop grabbing bottles.  As a result, my linen closet looks like I'm a Bioderma horder.  
Image by Jennifer Houston.
Don't judge.

Other than the requisite wine and chocolates (don't get Lisa started!), I think that wraps up our shopping adventures in Paris.  Phew. ~ LB & JH


  1. carolina de lipmanJune 7, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    wow! thank you for sharing all your wonderful finds. question: how did you decide which style of eric bompard sweater to get? they have so many different v-necks... thanks! Carolina

    1. Thanks for reading Carolina! Last year, I tried on most of their v-necks, and found that the classic one was the right fit for me. There's a skinny version, but it's Paris-skinny. The Classic v-neck is fitted as well, but not tight like the skinny version. Hope that helps!

  2. thank you! cdl