Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shopping around Paris - Random wrap-up.

I took a break from 're-entry' today, i.e. laundry, grocery, etc., and just had coffee with another francophile friend; it was like walking back through the streets of Paris.  As we went through the photos on my iPhone and talked about the great dinners and shopping streets, it made me want to wrap up my take-aways from what I saw in Paris, both in fashion and around town.

The colors:

  • Blues, both navy and cobalt, are big.  There was an interesting saffron color that accompanied many of the blue looks. 
  • Vibrant orange and red, and all shades in between, were everywhere as well.  
  • A hint of jewel green was peeking out from some racks here and there.  
  • Pastels were hard to find to be honest.  
  • Black is ALWAYS in.

What people were wearing:  

  • Skinny pants (jeans, black pants) tucked into flat booties.  
  • Shorter skirts and dresses paired with stockings and heeled booties (not a look that I will be daring to wear, but all the young Parisians were sporting this, when not in pants).  
  • One word, booties.  
  • Cute spring jackets in leathers of many colors.  
  • Tribal accents.  
  • Scarves, scarves, scarves.  
  • People were definitely NOT wearing the outfit on the left below, even though a boutique opted to highlight it in their window. Tulle skirt over colored jeans?  Better for a 6 year old?  Non?  Had to take a pic!

Image from Jennifer Houston.

  • Lace, in tops, dresses, skirts.  Read our earlier post to see what lace items look good here in the US.  
  • Leather/suede - those cute leather jackets.  Leather in jewelry.  Suede shoes everywhere.  
  • Suede in colors, in neutrals, in purses.  
  • In fact, on our last day in the City of Light, we walked around our favorite neighborhood, taking in the sites and sounds.  And one final boutique, with a clutch, that had to come home.  From ba&sh, I couldn't leave it in the store.

Image from
And while my trip is over, I'm already thinking ahead to the next.  Let us know if you are headed to Paris, New York, or anywhere for that matter, and share YOUR finds.  We always like a good lead here at W2WW.  ~ JH

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