Sunday, April 8, 2012 are traveling to Paris - what to wear on the plane.

Now that I've tackled daywear and dinner attire, it's time to talk about the plane.  From the east coast, Europe is a relatively quick overnight flight away.  Around 6 hours, my strategy is to eat dinner on the plane, turn my watch to the new timezone, and get to sleep.  If I can manage to get 4 hours on the plane, I'm good to go when we land.

But, what to wear?  I have a 'uniform' that I've honed over the years.  The 'uniform' is all about comfort, neutral colors, and looking 'smart' as you deplane.

I start with the pants - I don't like wearing jeans on an overnight flight, so I usually pick my Michael Kors Ponte ankle pants.  These are stretchy, and don't wrinkle, so when I deplane, I look pretty fresh.
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I usually always put on ballet flats, and I have a preference for Vera Wang or Tory Burch ballet flats in a metallic color.  Very comfortable, slipper like, they do the trick.  And, for some reason, the metallic Tory ones stand up to all kinds of weather.
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On top, I like to layer.  This time of year, I like to do a long sleeve t-shirt over a short sleeve one, topped off with a scarf.  Yes, sounds a little odd, but that extra layer of the short sleeve underneath adds the warmth you need on the overnight flight.  Let's be honest, it's C-O-L-D 30,000 feet over the Atlantic.   So, I usually wear a solid, long sleeve t-shirt, like this grey one from the Gap...
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...over a white crew-neck t-shirt, that is maybe even a little longer than the long-sleeve, so it hangs out a little bit at the hemline...
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...with a fabulous scarf wrapped around my neck.
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It's a very neutral, dark look, but nothing wrinkles, so you'll be comfortable sleeping in coach (not!), and be wrinkle-free in the morning.  

But, I have yet to mention perhaps the most important item for the plane.  It's a pashmina shawl.  Remember?  You bought one or 2 back in the late 90s when they were all the rage?!  Well dig one out, because I cannot make it on an overnight flight without one.  
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My black one, purchased in Paris back in 1996, has been here, there, and everywhere with me.   It's cashmere, so it's lightweight, super soft, and acts as my blanket (because those plane blankets are awful, let's just be honest) and then in the 'morning', I wrap it around me as one more layer of warmth before deplaning.  I swear, wrap that thing around you, with your black ponte pants and your ballet flats and you actually look somewhat put together as you wander to the bathroom on the plane to put your contact lenses back in.  

You are now free to move about the cabin. ~ JH

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