Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paris on foot.

Bonjour readers!  Paris is heaven and I'm resting my feet after 2 straight days of walking.  So while my feet are up, I thought I'd share what I've seen on Parisian women's feet.  Outside of ballet flats and riding boots, there are a couple of distinct trends happening.

First, the wedge.  Closed toe, preferably in a suede...since I'd been obsessed with a neutral wedge, these caught my eye immediately!  I am NO Sartorialist, but I tried my best with my iPhone 4S, to capture what I have seen.  These were spotted in Luxembourg Gardens.
And  these were spotted on the street...
I'm still kicking myself for not being fast enough to photograph a pair of salmon-colored, suede wedges that were paired with jeans.  They were divine!  Suede is huge right now, in all colors!

Next trend in footwear is the flat bootie.  They are everywhere.  In the stores, on feet, on teenagers and older ladies alike.  With skinny jeans, skirts, leggings.  Everywhere.  Here is a pair spotted while waiting in the Odeon metro stop...
And these were spotted in Bon Marche - the most amazing department store.  I loved the tassel in the back.  The wearer had skinny jeans on with them and was just elegant.
And these were in Bon Marche's shoe department.  While I didn't try them on, I might have to go back and check them out again.  Love the stone colored ones on the right.
These too were in Bon Marche...there were too many to see!
What do you think?   Should I take the plunge and invest in a low bootie?  Will they be popular in the US in a year or 2?   Quite frankly, I think they will be around for a while; Lisa has a pair from last year, and they are another great option for your skinny jeans.  Perfect option for moms running about town.  Another shoe in between boots and ballet flats.  I think I'm on the hunt...

That's all for now.  Back to vacation, and contemplating the steak frites that I'll be having for dinner. À bientôt! ~ JH
Images from Jennifer Houston.

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  1. Sisi from Helena. MontanaApril 15, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    I LOVE your commentary on Paris fashion & your trip! Yes yes yes buy those booties. Bring cutting edge to Swellsley a season or 2 ahead of time.
    Please keep it up!! Enjoy the rest of the vacation.