Sunday, April 1, 2012 are traveling to Paris - evening wear.

With less than 2 weeks to a trip to Paris, serious outfit planning has commenced.  After tackling daywear a few days back, I'm onto thinking about evening wear.  At the end of a day of walking, there's nothing better than hanging out in your hotel room or apartment (or napping), refreshing with a shower, and putting on a crisp outfit for dinner.  

With 8 nights (but who is counting?!) in the City of Lights, I'll want to have great looks for each night, but not pack 8 separate outfits.  To minimize packing and maximize look, I'm planning to use 2 pairs of cropped black pants with a variety of tops and jackets.  I have one pair of pants from Reiss that I love and will take; they have a cute zipper at the bottom of the crop which makes for a neat detail.  Ironically, they are called the 'Paris' pant, so how can I leave them here?!

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The other pair I'll be taking is a black, cropped leather pant.  They are the MOST comfortable pants, and can accommodate those extra croissants and baguettes I'll be devouring.  I got these Vince leggings on S-A-L-E, one of the best purchases I've ever made!
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Now, what to put on top?!  I'll be taking some blazer-type jackets (maybe 2) to layer over silk blouses (maybe 2 or 3).  The Theory white blouse in the photo set below is a great travel blouse to stick under a blazer with a scarf tied around your neck.  A couple of colored blouses to either layer under a jacket or wear alone should round out tops.

As for shoes, I'm bringing my heels baby!  One pair of neutral pumps, just like the Stuart Weitzman ones below, and one colored, to rock out an otherwise neutral outfit.  The Stuart Weitzman ones are patent too, which as I said in an earlier post, I love to include for inclement weather.  My Stuart Weitzman pumps have been wiped clean from the heels sinking into lawns, spilled drinks at a nightclub, etc., and have stood the test of time and abuse.  

Finally, the accessories.  A silk scarf or 2 for the more neutral look.  A couple of bracelets and pendant necklaces.  And, as I learned from Ines de la Fressange in her book, 'Parisian Chic', Parisian women wear either earrings or a necklace, but never both together.  Neutral makeup with lipstick is best.  For handbag, I prefer a clutch in the US, but in Paris, a shoulder bag makes me feel more secure with my Euros and passport.  And yes, when you are there, you and your attire are being examined.  People-watch back and enjoy the show! ~ JH
Dinner in Paris

Batwing shirt
$120 -

Theory sleeveless top
£63 -

Silk screen t shirt
$75 -

Rag bone blazer
$450 -

Flat front pants
$180 -

Stuart Weitzman patent high heels
$195 -

Manolo Blahnik high heel shoes
$595 -

Rebecca minkoff handbag
$330 -

Jigsaw cuff bangle
£39 -

Gorjana gold plated jewelry
$120 -

Dolce Gabbana satin shawl
$445 -

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