Monday, September 28, 2015

New to Us - Brochu Walker Sweaters

Let's talk SWEATERS!  It's sweater weather and I'm ready to break out some new purchases!

Back in August, I happened upon a new sweater brand (new to me, that is).  After a mani/pedi at Miniluxe, I wandered into Gretta Luxe in Wellesley to check out what was new for fall.  

They had received a ton of early fall/fall.  I love the women who work there because they point out things that I would have never picked up.  For example, this Brochu Walker sweater.  It was folded on a shelf, and (confession) I hate messing up nicely stacked piles of clothing, so I rarely hold something up that is folded.  But Kelly did, and she told me that they had sold through the same sweater (different color) last year very quickly.  Which is such a great sales tactic on me; I bought it immediately!
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I love the layered look without the layers!  Those sleeves?  Faux!  The shirt hem and neckline?  Faux.  Super soft and cosy.  Love.  Something easy to reach for and pop on.  I like turning up the sleeve cuffs on this.  Easy, grab-and-go, run-around sweater.  

What did I do as soon as I got home?  Hopped online to see if I could find more of this brand.  And, of course, I did.  The brand is very Vince/Theory-like, which for me is a huge positive.  But they aren't exactly Vince/Theory, which I love.  I can totally see wearing their clothing everyday.  Like this dress with tights and boots.
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Or this versatile top - under a jacket as a layer or with a pencil skirt.
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Check out their goods - and look for me in that sweater when the temperature is right! ~ JH

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