Sunday, September 13, 2015

W2WW Around Town - Lots of New Kids in Town!

We here in Massachusetts are shoppers; what else is there to do with 10 feet of snow on the ground, I ask you?!  And, the retail world is starting to take notice.  

Opened last week is the first US location for Primark, an Ireland-based retailer who is competing with H&M and Zara for your super-trendy, disposable clothing dollar.  There are skinny jeans for $7, sweaters for $8, sneakers for $9 and a suitcase in which to carry it all home for $30-50.  I will pop over during lunch to see what all the fuss is about, but frankly, fast fashion, and all of the environmental no-nos that come with it, is not my cup of tea.
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Image from Cheryl Fenton.
Sometime this fall, COS will be opening it’s 3rd store in the US on Newberry Street. Jen and I discovered this little gem in Paris a few years ago. The better quality, classically designed, simple pieces are staples at this new younger sister in the H&M clan. (PS, Jen squealed with joy upon hearing the news!)  Check out a sampling of their goods.
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I think I'm most excited about Cost Plus World Market opening it’s New England location on September 20 in the vacated Office Depot space in Framingham. My friend Julie took me into one when I visited her in Florida and I was hooked.  Talk about a fun and affordable place to shop for everything from craft beer to home furniture and personal accessories to brighten up your spaces!  Here are a few favorites. 
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Get ready for a shopping-filled fall!  Ladies, start your engines! ~ LB

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