Wednesday, February 8, 2012 have an obsession with open-weave sweaters.

Each season, I get a little obsessed with 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4) pieces of clothing that I HAVE to have.  Among other things for this spring (like a perfect wedge espadrille - more on that later), I really want to have an open-weave sweater.  Something with a loose knit, under which you have to wear a tank, etc.  Would be great for transition, then for cooler summer nights.  Throw on a scarf, and you have an updated spring 2012 look.

I started with a 'research' purchase this week.  I was surfing around ASOS, a UK online site, which other fashion bloggers reference regularly (Atlantic-Pacific - that girl is always wearing something from ASOS) to see what the quality of their goods was like.  I purchased this open weave sweater, thinking that it was pretty cute.
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It was definitely cuter in the photo (and the 18 year old model) than on me.  A little too boxy and shapeless.  It was only $58, so it was a bargain, but the quality left a little to be desired too.

So the search continues...I saw one beautiful one this week at the W by Worth show here in Wellesley with color-matching tanks for a sleek look.  The pointelle sweater with coordinating tank underneath was lovely.
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More online research revealed that these open-weave sweaters are everywhere, in many price-points.  Bloomingdales had this great one by Theory that could be worn both a little dressier or more casually.
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And in an under $80 price point, Nordstrom has one in their own Caslon line, and this color over white jeans really screams spring 2012.
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Doesn't this make you excited for spring? ~ JH

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