Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I was inspired by my 9 year old daughter this morning.  She carefully curated her new fall wardrobe for the first week of school and laid it out to grab and go.
Image from Lisa Bida.
She might be on to something here.  How wonderful would it be to walk into my closet and have outfits all put together, waiting for me to step into and emerge looking, and feeling fabulous?  Instead, I often find myself staring blankly at the hangers, wondering what top to wear today with what skirt to work, or what to pair with a jeans that looks frankly, AWESOME!

The cure is FALL.  Time to change it up!  In with the new and fresh. Out with the old and tired.  I’m being judicious, just like my daughter.  Bringing in a few key pieces to freshen up with I have and wear.  And it must be love.  L O V E.  Like, it had better fit perfectly and make me feel amazing.   I’m feeling inspired by fall additions this year - The poncho! The long sweater!  No overhaul needed, just a little green here and a suede pump there. 

So "Welcome Back", readers!  Stay tuned for our picks for fall and details on an upcoming event that Jen and I are hosting to help jump start your fall wardrobe (and ours!). ~ LB

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