Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My October Obsession - A Black Fall Jacket

As soon as the weather turned cool, I found myself looking for a piece of outerwear that I DON'T HAVE.  Shocking.  And I'm always shocked this time of year that I don't have a mid-weight jacket.  But it's really not as simple as "I want a mid-weight jacket".  It never is.  Here's what I would like:
  • A jacket in a heavier cotton or cotton-like material, not wool, in black.
  • It has to be long enough to cover the ends of some of my longer sweaters and have enough material in the body to go over these same sweaters while allowing me to still move my shoulders and arms.
  • I prefer a belted jacket. 
  • Don't really want a hood on it.  I'm ok if the hood is removable.
Is it a trench?  Is it an anorak?  I have a J.Crew trench coat that I LOVE, but at this time of year, it's really too light colored and 'springy'.  See?
Image from jcrew.com.
And I know what you are thinking - you are thinking 'Houston, just belly up and buy a Burberry!'  Oh, if it was only that simple.  That statement alone takes me back...

About 7 years ago, Lisa and I were shopping in New York City.  It was either fall or spring (chill in the air), and it was pouring rain.  I didn't have the ideal outerwear, so I made poor Lisa march to the Burberry flagship, determined to come home with one.  I tried on EVERYTHING but nothing fit right.  Problem?  The shoulders are too narrow on me.  I would have to buy a larger jacket to fit my shoulders and have the body completely tailored and remade.  At that price point, I'm not sure it's a path I want to go down. 

Anyway, I have started the pilgrimage yet again.  I am obsessed and determined to find something that fits without major reconstruction!  Where has that left me?  Here.  In my dining room.  With piles of black jackets from late night, online shopping.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
I've tried the Burberry quilted (too small or too big, depending on the size).
Image from saks.com.
I've tried to get away from the dreaded it's-Burberry-and-it-doesn't-fit, and tried this Elie Tahari jacket.  Which I loved but fit weird again.  Shoulders!
Image from bloomingdales.com.
There are a few others in the mix too.  I will continue my quest - hopefully there will be a 'My October Obsession Part 2' post, and I'll happily be showcasing my new jacket.  But until then, the hunt continues. ~ JH

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