Sunday, August 17, 2014

My August Obsession - Veronica Beard Blazers

While most people I know are in beach/vacation/bathing suit mode right now, I'm in a full-blown-fall-fashion state of mind.  Call me crazy, but it's in the stores and ladies, NOW is the time to start shopping!  Especially for the hard-to-find transition outfits for fall.  I am trolling websites, stores, and trunk shows looking to fill the gaps in my wardrobe.  And as you all know, blazers have been a complete obsession for many years.  With the perfect navy blazer snugly hanging in my closet, my attention turns to finding the perfect black blazer.

My August obsession actually started back in May when Lisa and I had a 36-hour mini-break from our families, which really is a 36-hour shopping fest.  Just saying.  At any rate, we were in Viola Lovely in Boston's South End, when I happened upon a Veronica Beard blazer.  These are not 'normal' jackets.  These are super-cool and edgy jackets.  These are AWESOME.  
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Blazers with faux hoodie linings (and sometimes, faux cuffs!)!  Ok, they call them what they are: dickeys.  (And I hate that word - almost as much as I hate m-o-i-s-t.)  But think of the possibilities?!  Neat black blazer sans dickey for a cleaner look; black blazer with cool hoodie over jeans while running around town.  The options are limitless!

Here's why I'm obsessed:
1.  I need a black blazer desperately.
2.  I love the idea of a cool, multi-purpose jacket.
3.  They sell different dickeys separately, so you can change your look whenever you want.
4.  Viola Lovely didn't have my size at the time, so I'm DYING to try one on!

Basically every day, I've been going to their website waiting for the classic jacket to be in stock (pre-order only now).  And I'm waiting for the lovely ladies at Viola Lovely to call when they receive their shipment of blazers.  And I wait and wait and become more and more obsessed.

So while you are sitting on a beach reading this on your mobile device, I'm at home contemplating when I can get my hands on a Veronica Beard black classic blazer, with a grey, sweatshirt hoodie dickey.  Stay tuned. ~ JH

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