Tuesday, August 12, 2014

W2WW Around Town - Loving The Street's Additions

I'm not sure what happened at The Street this summer, but I LOVE it.  When we left, The Street in Chestnut Hill had a couple of good things going - Shake Shack, a huge Calypso St. Barth, Splendid (daughter's favorite), and Pinkberry.  Today, my daughters and I ran down there to have lunch (Shake Shake) and check out back-to-school stuff at Splendid.  Quick trip - an hour tops, right?

WRONG.  I'm going to have to allocate MORE time for future visits.  As I pull up to make the turn across Route 9, I see that some stores have filled in.  Helmut Lang?!?!  Vince?!?!  Holy cow.  My personal favorites all lined up.  Huge stand-alone stores.

I dutifully did lunch and Splendid with the girls.  Seeing that I had about 30 minutes left in them, I chose to visit Vince.  They have only been open 2 weeks.
This Vince store is the biggest stand-alone I've ever been in, including some of the New York stores.  It makes the Copley store look like a kiosk.  The depth of the line was so impressive to see.  I couldn't wait to dig in.  But really, I couldn't.  Why?  Because the kids were digging in!  Yes my friends, Vince has a kids clothing line.  Good news:  It's fabulous.  Bad news:  My kids LOVED it.  Small but great selection of classic mini-Vince pieces (no, they did not get the leather jacket).
But, my older daughter got a sweater and top, and my younger daughter loved a t-shirt.  Oh dear, what does this mean to me and MY clothing budget?!

As I was checking out and explaining how I would have to come back without my dear children to really dig in, they had one other trick up their sleeve.  Turns out Vince is launching a HANDBAG line this fall!  Yikes!  I can't even imagine how cool these bags will be.  The assistant manager, Chrysten (on a first-name basis already), showed me a picture of one of the bags that will be out.  Kinda love it.
Image from Chrysten Fahey, Asst. Store Manager Vince, Chestnut Hill.
If you find yourself near The Street, beware.  I'm scared for myself. ~ JH
Unless noted, all images from Jennifer Houston.

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