Monday, April 28, 2014

My April obsession - the Perfect Blazer.

I really shouldn't say 'April' obsession, because it's been years and years of searching.  I've tried on a ton of blazers, both inexpensive ones, and ones I should have never put on my back.  Ever.  

I think everyone should have one great blazer in their closet to stick on over a blouse, pants and heels for a go-to outfit.  It would really make life so simple to have one great blazer.  Check out these images for inspiration.
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I'd like to have both a navy and a black, but really, I just want ONE THAT FITS.  They've either been too short, too long, too boxy, not enough room in the chest, too tight in the sleeve, too tight in the shoulder.  I really don't want to reconstruct a jacket either at the tailor, but I've been tempted to...

After looking and looking, I think I've found the perfect blazer.  I found myself in J.Crew two weeks ago (and yes, I've tried on their blazers for years) and said, 'what the heck, I'll try on another one'.  I put it on.  Wait.  It fits.  It really fits.  It's perfection!  Here it is.
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The Thompson Blazer in stretch cotton.  Not too long.  Nipped at waist.  No puff shoulder.  Just plain and perfect.  And the plus?  $178.  Sold.  (30% off this week, using code 'GOSHOP' until May 1st!)  

I bought it right before a trip to London.  I wore it no less than 3 days.  With AG Ballad jeans, ivory Theory blouse, cuffs of blazer unbuttoned and rolled up, and snake skin pumps.  Maybe it appeals to the equestrian in me, but I love it.  It also comes in white and khaki.  Check it out if you are in the market! ~ JH

PS - full disclosure - Lisa bought it in white!

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