Friday, July 11, 2014

Reflections from a trunk show...

I happily found myself hosting a trunk show this week - a Stella & Dot show - in Maine.  Dear husband was away, I had a sitter for the kids, and I had planned to host a 'ladies night out' ANYWAY, so why not mix it up with a little jewelry and new beach-friends?  I mean really, who doesn't love a little shopping on the side of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres?!

I've hosted trunk shows before - Worth New York, Orient Expressed (children's clothing), Little Follies (children's clothing) - but never 'accessories'.  At a beach house.  In the middle of summer.

Let me tell you - so fun!  

Amongst my purchases?!  Something I've looked for for YEARS.  A long, silver pendant necklace.  Simple to find, right?! WRONG.  I've been looking for a long time, and this one fits the bill.  I needed to have it.  For so many outfits that just needed a sparkle down the front.  (And of course, yes, Lisa has it too.)
Image from
And what I was most surprised with?!  The new 'Engravable' collection.  If anyone knows me, they know if it's not nailed down, I try to monogram it.  I'm still deciding which one I want...there are WAY TOO MANY OPTIONS.  Do I do the bar necklace?
Image from
Do I do a traditional round?
Image from Kristen Weiss.
And what ever do I put on it?!  My initials?  My children's initials?  Decisions, decisions.  Any ideas?!

Other things that caught my eye?  This gilded arrow bracelet.  Looks GREAT stacked with my other summer bracelets - adds a new dimension and texture.
Image from
At the last minute, while Stella & Dot rep Kristen Weiss was packing up, I tried this on.  Big mistake.  Kinda love it, looks great with a tan, and goes with ALL of my navy and white summer clothing.  And, you can wear it 5 different ways, removing the large chain (on the bottom of the chains pictured) to wear either separately or all together OR making it long or keeping it at this length.
Image from
Overall, a fun evening with the beach ladies!  Thanks to Kristen for spicing up a cocktail party.  We had a blast!  (Look, I almost got away with 'borrowing' the sample silver rebel pendant necklace!)
Image from Kristen Weiss.
Happy summer!  Click here to check out the Stella & Dot summer line! ~ JH

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