Saturday, April 25, 2015

My April Obsession - Slide Sandals

Maybe we are a little obsessed sometimes.  (For example, I just figured out, with a little Buzzfeed help and $5, how to make GIFs.  Watch out!)
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Well, the current obsession is the slide sandal.  They are everywhere, and as one friend concluded: "They are nice way to update your summer wardrobe."  A sentence like that can totally push me into a purchase.

But which one?!  I've ordered 2 pairs (one more on the way) but haven't yet found the right one for me.  But maybe some of these are right for you!

I started with Ancient Greek Sandals because I had read in either Vogue or InStyle or Marie Claire (etc.) that this brand was hot.  Enough said.  So, I ordered these babies to start:
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However much I loved them in the photos, they didn't do a lot for my feet.
Images from Jennifer Houston.
The last ones looked like slippers.  Not what I'm looking for.

I'm waiting for these See by Chloe sandals to be delivered.  Will the smaller amount of leather in the front make a difference?  Will the thick sole?  I hope so. 
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In the meantime, check out slides next time you are shopping, either online or in store.  For now, contemplate this selection below.  I will too!  Let us know what you find! ~ JH
W2WW: Slide Sandals

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