Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Text Conversation #5

Fashion doesn't rest, even in summer.  The following text arrived the other morning, directed to Lisa and me:
Image from Jennifer Houston.
The item in question?
Image from amazon.com.
Lisa and I didn't really have to confer on this one.  Lisa texted back while I called our friend directly:
Images from Jennifer Houston.
Whether or not we love them, these thong Birkenstocks are hot and actually, can be cute with the right outfit.  Think white linen pants and a red pedicure.  Actually, all linen pants wold be fabulous.  Think jean jacket over tank-top with long skirt.  Think maxi-dress with jacket.  Here are some Pinterest images for inspiration:
Images from pinterest.com.
Stick with the silver, white, or graphite colors of the Birkenstocks and change up your casual summer looks! ~ JH

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