Wednesday, March 28, 2012 are traveling to Paris - daywear.

Oui!  I'm heading to Paris in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait!  Over the next few weeks, I hope to write about the questions we all ask ourselves when preparing for a trip like this:
  • What do I wear on an overnight flight?
  • What on earth do I pack?
  • How many bags am I allowed to check? (Ok, might not write about this, but it's a question that has been frequently popping into my head!)
Let's start with what to pack for daywear.  I'll be walking miles everyday and will want to be blister-free and look fashionable at the same time.  Whether I'm going into Boston, down to New York, or over to Paris, it's the same look.  In Paris, there's a little more pressure to be tailored and elegant.

So - since it's April, I'll start with outerwear.  After all, I'll be in some kind of jacket most of the day while traipsing around, and it needs to look good.  I'll start by packing my rain jacket, a Postcard one I found in New York last spring when I found my winter coat.  It hangs to mid-thigh, stylish, cinches at the waist, and was a GREAT purchase.  It looks similar to this Moncler one at Bloomingdale's:
Image from
Additionally, I'll be packing my short cotton trench coat.  I purchased it about 3 years ago at Comptoir des Cotonniers, after trying on every Burberry short trench I could get my hands on, only to find that they really didn't fit me well at all.  (Altering was an option, but Burberry trenches have very narrow shoulders, so the entire body of any trench I purchased would have needed altering.)  So, I settled on this one, and love it:

Images from
Between those 2 jackets, I think I'll be set.

Now, onto outfits.  I'll have to pack scarves, and layer, layer, layer.  I'll be out the door of my rented apartment relatively early and out all day, so I need to be prepared for cooler mornings and warmer afternoon temps.  Back to playing meteorologist.

The good news it that Parisians have embraced jeans!  Phew.  10 years ago, not so much.  2 Thanksgivings ago, jeans everywhere.  That's a huge relief, since I kind of live in them.

So, I'll be packing some white jeans - my J. Crew Bootcut white denim...
Image from
...and some AG Ballads...
Image from
...and some DL1961 straight-leg jeans that look great with ballet flats.  That and a couple of black ankle length pants should do the trick.

Next, tops.  There will be navy v-neck sweaters in my bag, along with a chambray blouse from J. Crew, a crisp white blouse, tank tops for layering underneath, some linen Vince sweaters, and scarves, scarves, scarves.  Some fun day jackets, like that Milly one I picked up during my Nordstrom shopping appointment back in February.
Image from
I won't be packing any t-shirts.  Blouses (with scarved tucked in the neckline) and spring sweaters are the way to go in the day.

Shoes are the last important piece of the puzzle.  While I've been on a heel-craze, it's not really going to help me out in Paris during the day (but stay tuned for dinner attire!).  Too many cobblestones and miles to cover.

I have been on a hunt for a great neutral wedge to wear during the day...any of you who follow my Pinterest boards have been inundated with images of neutral wedges.  I think I've finally found the pair.  These Tory Burch Sally Wedges are just what the doctor ordered!  2 1/2" heel, relatively neutral color tan (I wish it was lighter), a rubber sole, comfortable, and all of my longer pants fall perfectly with the heel height.  So, I'll be traipsing around Paris in these in a few weeks!
Image from
To cope if the weather is less than perfect, I'll include some patent leather ballet flats for those days.  Similar to these French Sole ones at ASOS, the patent is great in wet conditions while continuing to be stylish.  And most Parisians are running around in ballet flats too!
Image from
Finally, I just might back a pair of booties I purchased this past fall - Comptoir des Cotonniers tan suede booties - I have a feeling that they'll come in handy on a cooler day.
Image from
That's it for daywear!  I guess I'm going to have to print this as my packing list. :-) ~ JH

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