Thursday, March 1, 2012

...your sweaters are all pilled with fuzz.

This week, I looked into my closet and thought 'yuck'.  I'm getting tired of the same clothes and can't wait for spring and 'transition' clothing, just so I'm wearing something different.

I think my sweaters are saying 'yuck' too.  I pulled out a forest green Vince wrap sweater, and it was full of pills and fuzzies.  Kind of like this:
Photo from
Ladies (and gentlemen), this is the time of year to bring out your sweater shavers or sweater de-pillers.  These little, wonderful gadgets are the secret to making your knits look fresh and fuzz-free after so much use over the winter.  Here are a few selections I found at

Remington makes a nice looking one for $10.99 (batteries not included):
Photo from
Here's a Sunbeam Lint Shaver, quite similar, for $12.70.
Photo from
Turn on the gadget, and run the face over your sweater.  There is a little shaver under the face's holes that pulls off the fuzzies and deposits them into the clear holding area.

A couple of minutes of 'de-pilling', and my forest green sweater looked 100 times better, and got worn, for the hundredth time.  ~ JH

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