Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What to add to your spring wardrobe? Item #3 is...

an anorak!

Yes, it sounds odd, but aren't you always digging through your closet looking for that perfect, light-weight jacket that you can throw on and still look great?  We spend SO much time looking for the perfect outfit, only to throw on any old jacket over it.  This is a perfect piece to throw on everyday - for running errands to picking up kids.  

The anorak I'm talking about is not the traditional, fur-lined, heavy jacket.  This is a spring jacket, usually with a hood and a cinch waist.  The cinch waist is universally flattering, either showing off the curves you have or defining your waist.  

I purchased an anorak 2 years ago and just pulled it out of my 'off season' closet.  This 60-degrees-in-March weather is perfect for it!  Here are some anoraks I've seen this season that I'm kind of crazy about too.

First up, from Nordstrom, a MICHAEL Michael Kors anorak, and I love the way they've styled it over stripes.  At $150, it's a great price too.
Photo from
Next, a black one (although I recommend purchasing one in a color which you do NOT wear a lot on the bottom - if you wear a lot of jeans, don't do blue, if you wear a lot of black pants, don't do black, etc.), by Laundry, with a gathered waist in the back.  Great price point at $128.
Photo from
Not quite the deal-of-the-day, but lovely none-the-less, the Burberry anorak at Bloomingdales an investment item at $650.
Photo from
Another investment piece is this one from Worth Collection. The sleeves are easy to roll up as the weather gets warmer, and the length is great for a little more coverage of your 'seat'. It comes in orange too!
Photo from
The deal-of-the-day is a Forever 21 anorak jacket I randomly came across while surfing the 'net.  At $38, we should all own one, if not 2!  

Photos from
I had to show the front and the back to show the detail of the cinch waist ties in the front - this would be SOOO much cuter when gathered in the back.

One last one, for a pop of color.  With hood tucked into the back collar, this MICHAEL Michael Kors one looks pretty useful as well as cool.
Photo from
If you find any other anoraks that we should know about, please post links in the comments! Have a great day! ~ JH

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