Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What to add to your spring wardrobe? Item #5 is...

...a pair of colored jeans.

More than a few of our readers are ready to jump on this trend and have turned to us for advice on where and what color to buy.  When I look at the pants in my 'transition' closet, it's all denim jeans, white jeans, black cropped pants.  There is the occasional trouser in white, navy, black.  Oh, yes, and there is a tan one too peeking out from the back!

I'm a huge fan of neutrals.  I really can't help myself.  But this year, I'm venturing out and adding some color to my spring wardrobe.  Knowing how many neutrals I have, I'm starting with a color that will match what I have already.  I purchased a pair of these red Tory Burch cropped denim jeans last month, and love wearing them (plus, they are easy to find in my otherwise neutral closet).
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These will look great with all of my navy tops and sweaters, some greys with scarves, and of course, white.  I love the cut of these; I have them in white and they are a go-to for me so I thought I'd stick with a style that works for me and add color.  Lisa fell in love with these and had to pick them up too.  We'll have to follow our etiquette rules when pulling these out of the closet.  But, in all fairness, Lisa picked up a pair of red pants at Agnes B in New York City last spring, and I had been coveting them for a while.

Madewell makes a super skinny jean in red too.  Check these out, at $88.  I love how they used the cheetah print ballet flats as a neutral here too.
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If red's not your color, J. Crew is featuring their toothpick jean in 5 vivid colors.  Here is the neon persimmon.
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They also come in a cobalt blue, 'festival' green, and a light citron, which I just have to show you.  How good would these look with a navy, black, gray, chambray, or white top?
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And, if skinny legged jeans don't appeal to you, think about these boot-cut CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans in apple green at Nordstrom.
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Not to completely overwhelm you, but Nordstrom has an entire link to all of their colored jeans, in all lengths (long, cropped), cuts (skinny, straight, boot-but, flare) and rises (low-cut, mid-rise).  It's a little overwhelming for me too, but fascinating to look through.  Click here to check it out.

Whatever you decide, be sure to make your decisions FAST!  Not only are these colorful hues selling out at lightning speed, but mid-March transition weather is begging for brights to liven up our spirits. Let us know what your pair of colored jeans turns out to be! ~ JH

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