Monday, September 28, 2015

New to Us - Brochu Walker Sweaters

Let's talk SWEATERS!  It's sweater weather and I'm ready to break out some new purchases!

Back in August, I happened upon a new sweater brand (new to me, that is).  After a mani/pedi at Miniluxe, I wandered into Gretta Luxe in Wellesley to check out what was new for fall.  

They had received a ton of early fall/fall.  I love the women who work there because they point out things that I would have never picked up.  For example, this Brochu Walker sweater.  It was folded on a shelf, and (confession) I hate messing up nicely stacked piles of clothing, so I rarely hold something up that is folded.  But Kelly did, and she told me that they had sold through the same sweater (different color) last year very quickly.  Which is such a great sales tactic on me; I bought it immediately!
Image from
I love the layered look without the layers!  Those sleeves?  Faux!  The shirt hem and neckline?  Faux.  Super soft and cosy.  Love.  Something easy to reach for and pop on.  I like turning up the sleeve cuffs on this.  Easy, grab-and-go, run-around sweater.  

What did I do as soon as I got home?  Hopped online to see if I could find more of this brand.  And, of course, I did.  The brand is very Vince/Theory-like, which for me is a huge positive.  But they aren't exactly Vince/Theory, which I love.  I can totally see wearing their clothing everyday.  Like this dress with tights and boots.
Image from
Or this versatile top - under a jacket as a layer or with a pencil skirt.
Image from
Check out their goods - and look for me in that sweater when the temperature is right! ~ JH

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My September Obsession - The Open-toe Bootie

A friend wanted my opinion about a pair of booties before making the purchase and sent me a picture of these gorgeous thangs for approval.  
Image from
The air is pretty thin up there in the expensive shoe stratosphere and it’s comforting to have someone check your chute before you jump.   The shoe is the Celine Bam Bam.  They were a revelation.  The black leather upper with slightly edgy zipper.  Sleek silver heel in a wearable height.  All balanced with a natural leather sole.  A basic with a twist that could be dressed up or down.   Bam bam indeed.

She had an anniversary party and styled them them with cropped black track pants and a lovely layered Lafayette 128 top.  Very simple. She was definitely on to something.  I started playing with looks and saw a workhouse that would go miles in the fall wardrobe.

Instead of a basic pump or flat booties, I’m thinking outside my comfort zone this fall.  It's all about basics - a favorite white blouse with jeans, easy sweater over leggings - and pairing it with a killer pair of booties will totally elevate my look from the same old thing to fabulous.  These Vince peep toe booties  will fill the slot nicely with a variety of fall looks.
Image from
I am a summer girl through and through but I’ve got to say, I’m glad it’s Fall. ~ LB

W2WW - Fall Bootie Looks

Sunday, September 20, 2015

What happened to my living room?

My living room is now a showroom!  Check it out:
Why?  Because for the next 2 days, Lisa and I will be styling ladies for fall and winter with Heather Steele and W by Worth!  Lots of yummy fall clothing to try.  Fall is my favorite season and nothing gets me more excited than sweater weather!  

I made Lisa try on a couple of items for you to see.
Here are the details, one last time...just shoot us an email if you want to come by!  
Hope to see you!  In the meantime, I'll be trying on some clothes. :-) ~ JH
All images from Jennifer Houston and Heather Steele.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

W2WW Around Town - Lots of New Kids in Town!

We here in Massachusetts are shoppers; what else is there to do with 10 feet of snow on the ground, I ask you?!  And, the retail world is starting to take notice.  

Opened last week is the first US location for Primark, an Ireland-based retailer who is competing with H&M and Zara for your super-trendy, disposable clothing dollar.  There are skinny jeans for $7, sweaters for $8, sneakers for $9 and a suitcase in which to carry it all home for $30-50.  I will pop over during lunch to see what all the fuss is about, but frankly, fast fashion, and all of the environmental no-nos that come with it, is not my cup of tea.
Image from
Image from Cheryl Fenton.
Sometime this fall, COS will be opening it’s 3rd store in the US on Newberry Street. Jen and I discovered this little gem in Paris a few years ago. The better quality, classically designed, simple pieces are staples at this new younger sister in the H&M clan. (PS, Jen squealed with joy upon hearing the news!)  Check out a sampling of their goods.
Images from
I think I'm most excited about Cost Plus World Market opening it’s New England location on September 20 in the vacated Office Depot space in Framingham. My friend Julie took me into one when I visited her in Florida and I was hooked.  Talk about a fun and affordable place to shop for everything from craft beer to home furniture and personal accessories to brighten up your spaces!  Here are a few favorites. 
Images from
Get ready for a shopping-filled fall!  Ladies, start your engines! ~ LB

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Join us for a styling event with W by Worth!

Yes, we are back, and why not come back in a big way?!  Let's do a live styling event with W by Worth! Yes, on Monday, September 21 and Tuesday September 22nd, the Fall and Winter lines of W by Worth will be at my house (eek!) and Lisa, Heather Steele (great friend and W by Worth rep) and I will be on hand to help you with your fall wardrobe.
Image from Heather Steele.
Wear your favorite jeans and we'll spruce them up with a new top.  Bring an 'orphan' from your closet and we will try to make it into an outfit.  Or simply bring yourself and check it out!  

Email Lisa, Heather, or myself to make an appointment or to let us know you are coming to the open house and we'll email you the address!  Can't wait to start enjoying fall and sweater weather!  Hope to see you there! ~ JH

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I was inspired by my 9 year old daughter this morning.  She carefully curated her new fall wardrobe for the first week of school and laid it out to grab and go.
Image from Lisa Bida.
She might be on to something here.  How wonderful would it be to walk into my closet and have outfits all put together, waiting for me to step into and emerge looking, and feeling fabulous?  Instead, I often find myself staring blankly at the hangers, wondering what top to wear today with what skirt to work, or what to pair with a jeans that looks frankly, AWESOME!

The cure is FALL.  Time to change it up!  In with the new and fresh. Out with the old and tired.  I’m being judicious, just like my daughter.  Bringing in a few key pieces to freshen up with I have and wear.  And it must be love.  L O V E.  Like, it had better fit perfectly and make me feel amazing.   I’m feeling inspired by fall additions this year - The poncho! The long sweater!  No overhaul needed, just a little green here and a suede pump there. 

So "Welcome Back", readers!  Stay tuned for our picks for fall and details on an upcoming event that Jen and I are hosting to help jump start your fall wardrobe (and ours!). ~ LB