Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My October Obsession Part 2 - A Black Fall Jacket

When I first wrote about this obsession a few weeks ago, I still hadn't made a jacket decision. I had 4 or 5 jackets to return to a variety of stores and nothing was staying.  Until we attended that Saks fashion show.  And I ran into personal shopper Claudine.  Who put me in a room and made me try on this.
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I realize this doesn't really fit ANY of my bullet's wool (thought I didn't want wool) and it's not belted (thought I wanted a belt).  But it is light-weight and it's long enough to cover most of my longer sweaters.  The leather sleeves are edgy, and it looks great over everything from jeans to dressier bottoms.  And it's super cool.  I gave in.  And I love it. ~ JH


  1. How does this fit? Is it true to size? Is it snug over the rear? Thank you!!