Monday, October 27, 2014

Reunited and it feels so good...

...unless you are my wallet, in which case, you took a beating.  

As I was returning more black coats to Bloomingdales 2 weeks ago, I was distracted by a blonde woman.  I caught her out of the corner of my eye.  I recognized her.  Was it?  Could it be the devil herself?  Yes, it was.  It was Loren Munro, our original stylist and co-star of our series on 'Demystifying Personal Shopping - Part 1'.  I squealed with delight!  Loren Munro Lush (married since we last posted about her) was back in town and had recently started working at Bloomingdales.  Amen.  After a quick text to Lisa, I immediately made a shopping appointment with Loren for the next week.

That appointment was last Thursday.  I know, you are wondering, does Jen REALLY NEED MORE CLOTHING.  Honestly, no.  Don't tell my husband I said that.  But it is LOREN after all and I couldn't wait to see what she would pull together for me.

I asked Loren to pull some out-to-dinner and holiday looks for me.  And when I arrived, a large, fully-stocked dressing room awaited me.  Lots of goodies.  
And as in the past with Loren, the first outfit was a home run.  An out-to-dinner look, date or girls-night-out.  Or a hostess outfit.  Blue silk top by Reiss over high-rise, skinny AG Farrah jeans with Prada pointy toe black patent pumps.  Oh, and throw on that Vince grey wool coat too.  Oh, and tuck this navy clutch by Whistles under your arm.
Loren is a DRUG DEALER when it comes to clothing and I'm her addict.  Honestly, I would never be able to pull this all together for myself, out of 4 separate departments.  Would I really pick up that clutch by itself and say 'I have to have this'?  No.  But with the entire outfit, it just works.  That's the beauty of personal shopping; find someone with great style who knows all the merchandise in the store.  That person can pull it all together.

For holiday, Loren pulled several cute and sparkly looks.  This tunic by All Saints is staying.  Over leather leggings (which I already own, and no, we are not too old to wear them) and the same Prada pumps, I'm ready for December.  
This is a look that I'm still trying to get used to, but that's what shoppers do to you; they pull you out of your comfort zone.  This sequin top by Whistles is insanely cute and has a silk back.   Not sure if I can personally pull it off, but I love how edgy and different it is.  Wear over those skinny jeans for a fun night out, or cigarette-leg black pants for a more 'grown-up' look.
Ah, it was a good day.  Too good.  I might have to slow down my shopping, but just a little. ~ JH

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