Sunday, June 8, 2014

W2WW News Flash - Uniqlo descending on Boston area!

You can imagine me delight when I was walking into J.Crew in the Natick Mall and saw this next to the Apple Store:
Finally!  Uniqlo is arriving in Boston!  As you might recall from some earlier posts, Lisa and I love to hit a Uniqlo for basics.  And until now, that meant trekking to NYC for us.  A little iPhone research told me that there are 6 Uniqlo stores opening in the Boston area, with the closest ones to us being in Natick and Chestnut Hill!  Excited texting followed:
We are excited to get our Uniqlo basics locally!  August 29th is the day at Natick - just in time for fall shopping.  And yes, Lisa has a purse attached to her contact info on my phone. ~ JH
All images from Jennifer Houston.

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