Thursday, May 9, 2013

it's Spring 2013: Silk Track Pants

Really?  Silk track pants?  Jen, have you lost your mind?  

I have to say that Lisa and I have been a little curious about these pants.  Call them pajama pants or track pants if you want, but they are DIFFERENT!  And that's what we like!  What defines a silk track pant?  They are usually pull-on, with a drawstring at the waist, made of silk or viscose.  Designers like 3.1 Philip Lim, Joie, and Vince make really great pairs of them.  They have an casual look, but the material tends to keep them chic.

So, while trolling around Neimans last week, a mannequin caught my eye.  The mannequin had on a pair of these pants that I kind of liked.  This was not a purchase that was intending to make (in fact, I was just 'returning' some items - don't you hate when that happens?).  But, these Rebecca Taylor pants fit perfectly and I matched them up with a silk-back Vince sweater.
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There are a lot of these on the market right now.  Give a pair or 2 a try next time you see them.  But how to wear them?  I wouldn't pair these pants with a silk top; it's too much silk.  A slightly structured sweater (linen, summer cashmere, cotton) would work best.  A heeled sandal or pump finishes it well.  I plan to wear the outfit above with a long, gold pendant necklace and ankle strap, black heeled sandals.

Check out the Polyvore set below for inspiration! Don't be scared! ~ JH
W2WW - Silk Track Pants

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  1. Ladies.....just saw W by Worth for Fall 2013...guess what we have...Track Pants!