Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paris 2013 - What we saw.

And, back to report on our trips to Paris in April.  This is a quick list of what we saw, so keep your eyes out for these items and trends in the near future. 

Cobalt pants

Even my husband noticed.  Quote: "Is the new uniform blue pants and a white top?"  Everywhere.  With ballet flats.  With white t-shirt. A uniform.  Except, unlike this pic, they always had a scarf around their necks.
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On purses, on shoes, on zippers.  Anything that could have a tassel did.  And you KNOW how we love our tassels!
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Skinny Jeans

Rolled up, cropped, yet all SKINNY jeans.  SKINNY and possibly damaging to one's blood circulation.  It was a little weird not being able to tell apart an American from Parisian from sight alone.  Honestly, we missed the elegant French.  

Love of Everything Brazilian

This took us by surprise.  Bon Marche (the Mecca) had an entire Brazilian theme going on...lots of bright colors.  Different Brazilian designers and products were scattered all over the store with special displays and the Parisians were eating it up.  Lisa said there was a jewelry counter in Bon Marche FULL of Brazilian bracelets that was PACKED by French women when she was there alone one day.  Get your Havaianas out because they were, no joke, selling for 26 to 55 Euros in Bon Marche.  Honestly, I think with the Olympics in Rio in 2016, we are going to see A LOT of Brazilian influence in style, so keep your eye out and an open mind! 

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Flat Booties

Mon dieu!  But it's spring.  Time to swap out for sandals or at least ballet flats.  Short, below the ankle and flat.  Worn with impossibly skinny jeans (see above). I will definitely be getting a pair of these for fall. 
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Car Coat

Sure, there was the requisite trench but also lots of other great mid thigh looks that were chic.  Lightweight fabrics, leathers, and suedes too.  Jen and I were petting this lovely one at Gerard Darel.  Purrr.
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That's the overview - stay tuned for what we actually bought! ~ LB & JH

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  1. This is very helpful. I've read some of your other Paris fashion posts and I now have a better idea if what to pack for our trip there next week!