Sunday, March 24, 2013

W2WW Around Town - Need a great cobbler?

By now, you all know that Lisa and I are shoe fanatics.  We love our pumps, boots and sandals.  And, as we've written about before, it's almost that time of year when we bring our winter boots and shoes to a cobbler for re-heeling and shining, making them ready for next fall.
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A few weeks ago while I was putting on these shoes, I noticed that the sole under the pointy toe was peeling back a little.  EGAD!  These are Manolos!  Where do I take them to be fixed?

I WISH I had taken a 'before' pic.  Seriously.  You would not believe how I mangled the delicate toe of these shoes.  

Enter The Sole Man, in Waban, MA (a town within Newton, MA).  Eddie Keshishian is a genius.  The after pictures say it all.  Seriously, these shoes look like BRAND NEW!  A few days and $35 dollars later, I have brand new, ready-to-go heels. 
Images from Jennifer Houston.
Sensing that he knew his stuff, I brought my absolutely favorite pumps EVER to be repaired - my snakeskin Jimmy Choo pumps.  As my husband will tell you, I never wear weather-appropriate footwear when going 'out'.  Every time we head to dinner/a party/an event, he asks, "Are those good shoes for the rain/snow/brick sidewalks?".  I tend to ignore him and sashay out in my fabulous shoes. 

However, the mean brick sidewalks of Boston took a toll on my snakeskin pumps.  The snakeskin on the back of the heels was rubbed up, exposing the shaft underneath (I cannot believe I actually might have gone out with them like this), the sole under the toe was wearing through, and the inside of the heel was mangled.  A late night internet search showed that they weren't made any more.  Sniff.

Off to The Sole Man.  No problem he said.  The only things that might be tricky were fixing the snakeskin on the back and matching the leather to the inside of the heel were it was mangled.  I said "Do your best!".  And voila!  He did.

Images from Jennifer Houston.
It wasn't a cheap repair at $75 (CASH or CHECK ONLY, by the way), but it did save me hundreds since I don't have to buy a new pair of shoes.  And, they will last for years now.  Until the next repair.  When I head straight back to The Sole Man.

Check him out for your shoe needs.  He's at 95 Wyman Street in Waban, next to Starbucks and the Waban T station.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
See the photo below for his hours. ~ JH
Image from Jennifer Houston.


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